The Basics

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The private jet market is currently undergoing unprecedented demand, making the concept of traveling by private jet almost common. For a variety

Given the volume of fuel that private jets consume, along with the significant rising cost of fuel, it is important to discuss

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When choosing a private jet for your next mission there are many factors to consider. However, one that is often overlooked is

One of the most common questions asked by first-time private jet flyers is the cost to charter an aircraft. Of course, this

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Cockpit technology is a critical, however, often overlooked aspect of a private jet. The more advanced and reliable the technology, the safer

Being able to take-off in the shortest distance possible is always beneficial. Having a lower take-off distance will result in aircraft being

It is commonly thought that private jets can fly higher than other aircraft, but how true is this? How high can private

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One of the easiest ways to compare private jets is by comparing how fast they can fly. Choosing a faster aircraft will

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When it comes to selecting a private jet for a mission, one of the most critical elements is how far it can

If you are planning on flying by private jet, just how many passengers can you carry on one aircraft? In terms of

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One of the main costs when flying by private jet is fuel. Simply put, private jets burn a lot of fuel when

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When it comes to flying by private jet, one of the largest costs is the fuel. Therefore, it is important to consider

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The true benefits of flying by private jet often get wrapped up in the luxury. However, while luxury and comfort is an

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Fuel is a necessary part of flying. It is expensive. Therefore, fuel is one of the largest variable costs of flying. That

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Private jets are safe, luxurious and efficient, however, is it really true that private jets fly faster than commercial aircraft? One of

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Two pilots is a common sight when flying commercial, but what about flying by private jet – do private jets require two