The Basics

Whether or not you can smoke on a private jet can be tricky to navigate. As is often common when it comes

Trijet private jets have a distinctive design with three engines mounted to the rear of the aircraft. However, questions are often asked

Very Light Jets (VLJ) are the smallest private jets on the market. Typically, these aircraft are used for 1 – 2 hour

The Gulfstream G650 range is 7,000 nautical miles (8,055 miles / 12,964 KM). This, therefore, puts the Gulfstream G650 as one of

The Gulfstream G650 cockpit is one of the most advanced in the world. Gulfstream wanted to create a cockpit environment for their,

The Gulfstream G700 cockpit is one of the most advanced in the world. Gulfstream wanted to create an environment that was ergonimic

As you would expect from a Gulfstream, the G650 interior is extremely impressive. The Gulfstream G650 was, at one time, the flagship

With over 140 private jet models to choose from, which are the most popular private jets? Which category of private jets is

Have you ever wondered how many private jets are currently in production? How many are currently in existence? How many are in

Pets are our faithful companions. If a holiday or a business trip is imminent, many people will have the question of how

The Cessna Citation family of aircraft is a series of business jets that have been produced since the 1970s. The Citation family

The air quality on an aircraft is sometimes of concern for passengers. Moreover, the difference in air quality between commercial aircraft and

When looking to fly by private jet there are several options. At first glance, this can seem somewhat overwhelming. There are six

Not all private jets are created equal. This statement is especially true when it comes to the bathrooms on private jets, varying

One of the common criticisms of private jets is that they are bad for the environment. That they pollute too much and

Whether you are flying by private jet charter, jet card membership, belong to a fractional ownership program or even wholly own your