Private Jet Fuel Burn Calculator

Use the tool below to get the estimated total fuel consumption and estimated fuel cost for any private jet, flying any mission.

Simply select your aircraft type, then choose the duration of the mission, and then the price per gallon of jet fuel. Hit “Get Results” and see the results.

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Are you planning a trip on a private jet and curious about the fuel consumption and associated costs? Look no further! Our private jet fuel calculator is a user-friendly tool designed to provide you with accurate estimates of fuel consumption and costs for any flight length.

With a selection of over 140 private jets, the ability to input any mission length, and customizable jet fuel pricing, our calculator offers a comprehensive solution to help you plan your next journey efficiently.

Over 140 Private Jets

Our private jet fuel calculator features an extensive selection of over 140 different private jets, ranging from the latest and most advanced models to classic, timeless aircraft. This diverse assortment ensures that you can find the perfect private jet to suit your taste and budget, while also allowing you to compare fuel consumption and costs across various aircraft.

Customizable Mission Length and Fuel Pricing

With our private jet fuel calculator, you can input any mission length and customize the price per gallon of jet fuel to receive accurate estimates tailored to your specific needs. This flexibility allows you to account for fluctuations in fuel prices and make more informed decisions when planning your private jet travel.

Saves Time and Effort

Instead of manually researching and calculating fuel consumption and costs for various private jets, our private jet fuel calculator streamlines the process by providing all the necessary information in one convenient location.

Informed Decision Making

By providing accurate fuel consumption and cost estimates, our private jet fuel calculator empowers you to make well-informed decisions about your private jet travel, ultimately helping you optimize your budget and travel experience.

Accurate Fuel Consumption Estimates

Our private jet fuel calculator provides you with precise fuel consumption estimates based on the selected private jet and mission length, ensuring that you have all the information you need to plan your journey effectively.


Fuel burn is an estimate based on the average hourly fuel burn of each aircraft. Fuel burn is measured in Gallons.