About Compare Private Planes

In the Beginning

Compare Private Planes was originally created in order to compare private jets.

The original concept was to provide a simple way for users to sort & filter through aircraft.

The function of this was purely passion. Compare Private Planes was created in order to help those who were looking to charter a jet, purchase or those who were simply curious.

The sort & filter mechanism allows users to filter by range, passenger capacity and price. Aircraft can then be sorted through a wide variety of criteria.

Further Growth

After the initial release of our private jet sort and filter concept, users started to request more information.

Following on from the sort & filter function the private jet carbon emission calculator was developed.

The calculator provides an easy way to roughly calculator how many carbon emissions are produced by different private jets during a flight. This allows users to then offset these emissions. Therefore reducing their carbon footprint. 

Founded in 2019

Based in London, UK

Falcon 6X exterior overhead view over ocean

Here & Now

Since the initial launch of Compare Private Planes in 2019 the site has grown significantly.

The most significant factor behind the growth is the Knowledge Base.

The Knowledge Base features a series of articles to inform users about the world of private jets.

From chartering to aircraft ownership. From route pricing to finding the best deals.

Compare Private Planes is growing significantly through providing additional information to users.


If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch.

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