What is a Private Jet Card Membership?

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A jet card is a pre-paid membership program that allows you to fly on private jets at a fixed rate. It is one step up from a traditional on-demand private jet charter. Jet Cards allow customers to block buy hours, typically in increments of 25 hours.

Purchasing one starts to make sense if you fly more than 25 hours per year by private jet. Up until this point you will most likely have been using on-demand private jet charters.

A Brief History of Jet Cards

Sentient Jet were the original creators of the Jet Card back in 1997.

Sentient Jet developed the card after seeing the popularity of fractional ownership programs that were offered by companies, such as NetJets.

One of the key benefits that Jet Cards have over on-demand charters is the consistency of price. Customers know how much each flight hour will cost.

Cessna Citation Latitude Exterior

Furthermore, Jet Cards and fractional ownership allow customers to experience all the benefits that come with flying by private jet, but with none of the hassle.

Since its introduction in 1997, over 250 programs now compete with Jet Card offers.

Jet Card Cost

Jet Cards come in many different forms. For example, deposits can range from $15,000 to over $1 million.

Furthermore, with over 250 programs offering the service, prices can vary significantly.

Typically hours are bought in 25 hour increments. Therefore, the least expensive one will typically be a 25 hour card.

Additionally, depending on the aircraft type that you wish to fly on prices will also vary. For example, a program for a piston or turboprop aircraft is significantly less than one for a large jet.

For example, a 25 hour card with Jets.com will cost a minimum of $135,986. That equates to an average hourly price of $5,439. Therefore, the cost of a Jet Card is relatively similar to on-demand charters, if not slightly less expensive.

Naturally, the more hours that you buy in advance the lower the per hour cost.

Benefits of a Jet Card

The key benefit of purchasing a Jet Card the guarantee. Primarily the guarantee of an aircraft.

Therefore, even if the pricing is identical to that of an on-demand charter, you know that an aircraft will be available for the mission that you require.

The problem with an on-demand charter is that you book and pay for a specific aircraft. If that aircraft is suddenly unavailable, due to a mechanical issue for example, finding a replacement aircraft will be harder. Not to mention more expensive if the only aircraft has a higher per hour cost.

Brokers and operators are instead able to guarantee that an aircraft will be available for when you want it. This is especially beneficial if you wish to fly at peak times.

Furthermore, a Jet Card comes with guaranteed pricing. You know how much you will be paying for each and every flight.

Additionally, Jet Card programs mean that you only pay for the time that you are in the air. This is crucial for customers who wish to fly just one-way. If you fly one way with an on-demand charter you will be paying for both legs, even if you just fly one.

And finally, there aren’t any charges for additional flight time, pilot wait time, or landing fees (JetLinx). With an on-demand charter these prices can start to rack up quickly.

Please note that these are blanket benefits to most programs. However, each and every program is different.

Jet Card Companies

Search Google for ‘Jet Card’ and you will get over 200 million results! As mentioned, there are many, many programs out there.

However, many companies that offer Cards also offer on-demand charter. Therefore, there are many companies that you might be familiar with.

Some of the most popular companies offering a Jet Card are:

These are just a few companies that offer a Jet Card program. However, there are many, many more.

Notice how even airlines have entered the private aviation space.