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Private Jet Free Tools

Access completely free private jet tools

Cost Calculator

Calculate the flight time, charter cost, ownership cost, and fuel burn for any private jet mission.

Emissions Calculator

Calculate how much carbon is emitted from a private jet mission.

Fuel Burn

Get the estimated cost fuel up a private jet and the estimated fuel used for any mission length.

Range Map

Compare the maximum range of up to 3 private jets on this interactive map.


How Should You Fly by Private Jet?

Find out the best way for you to fly by private jet in less than 60 seconds.

What is your primary motivation for flying by private jet?

How many people do you usually travel with?

How many private jet flights have you taken?

How often do you plan to/currently fly by private jet?

How flexible are your travel plans?

Will you be flying at peak times? (e.g. major holidays)

Are your plans likely to change or cancel within 12 hours of departure?

What is the minimum notice before departure that you require?

How much control do you want over the aircraft model? (e.g. Gulfstream G650ER over Bombardier Global 7500)

Do you wish to upgrade/downgrade your aircraft based on need?