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If you are planning on flying by private jet, just how many passengers can you carry on one aircraft?

In terms of purpose jet private jets, up to 19 passengers can be accommodated on one aircraft. Of course, the exception to this rule are converted airliners, such as the Airbus Corporate Jets and Boeing Business Jets.

However, we will only be focussing on the seating capacity of the purpose built business aircraft.

Keep reading to see how many passengers each aircraft can carry.

Private Jet Passenger Capacity Overview

The official passenger capacity figures for private jets can cause confusion for new customers.

When flying by private jet, it is highly unlikely that they ever fly at “capacity”. That is, with every available seat filled.

This is down to the fact that, if every seat were to be filled, the aircraft would be extremely cramped.

Moreover, Very Light Jets (VLJs) and Light Jets are typically single pilot certified. This means that manufacturers can add an additional passenger seat to the aircraft. This seat is the first officers (co-pilots) seat.

Therefore, whether you own the aircraft yourself or are chartering it, it is very rare that a passenger will be upfront. In fact, any reputable charter operator will always insist on having two pilots upfront.

Additionally, it is unlikely that larger aircraft will ever fly with every seat filled due to sleeping capacity. Long range jets are typically used for long distance flights.

As a result most passengers will want to get some sleep on the flight in order to arrive at the destination feeling refreshed. However, while these aircraft can fit up to 19 passengers, they can’t sleep 19 passengers in a lie flat configuration.

Therefore, fewer passengers will be flying so that each one can have a lie flat bed.

And finally, each and every private jet is personalized and customized to the owners need and desires. Therefore, while an aircraft may be able to accommodate up to a certain number of seats, many owners will opt for different configurations and possibly fewer seats.

Despite this, for the purpose of this overview, we will be using each manufacturers official seating capacity number. This allows for an equal comparison and provides a best case scenario.

Four Seater Private Jets

When it comes to four seater private jets, options are rather limited. Given the size of the Learjet 36A four passengers is the best it can do.

Five Seater Private Jets

The below aircraft are able to accommodate up to five passengers. However, as previously mentioned, one of these passenger seats is upfront.

Therefore, when chartering these aircraft the cockpit passenger seat will be unavailable.

Cirrus Vision Jet interior from front of cabin looking back, white seats, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Six Seater Private Jets

Much like the five seater private jets, these six seater aircraft all count the first officers seat as being a “passenger seat”.

Therefore, when chartering these aircraft, one fewer seat will actually be available. Additionally, some of these aircraft include a seat that is the belted lavatory.

Therefore, each option should be investigated carefully to make sure that all passengers can comfortably fit onboard.

Seven Seater Private Jets

The following aircraft are all, officially, able to accommodate up to seven passengers. It is at this point that some aircraft will start to introduce a side facing sofa seat.

Eight Seater Private Jets

The following eight seater private jets now start to introduce the classic amenities as standard.

Features such as club seating, tables, a galley, toilet and side facing sofa are all expected on the below aircraft.

Nine Seater Private Jets

Nine seater private jets are those that are at the top end of the Light jets category, along with the majority of midsize aircraft.

These are all aircraft that can comfortably cruise around continents.

Ten Seater Private Jets

Along with more seats, these ten seater aircraft now start to introduce the ability to cross oceans.

However, note that the Phenom 300 and 300E are notable exceptions. These are the two most popular light jets.

Additionally, note that the Pilatus PC-12 NGX is a highly popular single engine turboprop aircraft.

Twelve Seater Private Jets

The following aircraft are all able to accommodate twelve passengers.

By this point the single pilot certifications are far behind. Therefore, twelve seats results in space for twelve passengers. No-one needs to be in the cockpit.

Interior of private jet with seats angled in to aisle
Kristina Postnikova /

Thirteen Seater Private Jets

The Embraer Legacy 600 is a bit of an anomaly, being the only business jet to have, officially, thirteen passenger seats onboard.

Fourteen Seater Private Jets

The Falcon 900LX, Legacy 650E and Gulfstream GII are all able to accommodate up to fourteen passengers.

Additionally, from this point on, all aircraft are able to provide lie flat bedding for a select group of passengers.

Sixteen Seater Private Jets

These sixteen seat private jets represent the top end of the in-production Dassault aircraft.

Additionally, within the sixteen passenger category we have the start of the Bombardier Global range of aircraft, along with the older Gulfstream’s.

Seventeen Seater Private Jets

Capable of carrying up to seventeen passengers, we have two Bombardier aircraft, the Challenger 600 and Global 6000.

Eighteen Seater Private Jets

Once again we have an anomaly aircraft, the Bombardier Global Express, officially capable of accommodating up to eighteen passengers.

Nineteen Seater Private Jets

And finally, the serious long range aircraft. The crème de la crème of business jets – the ones capable of carrying up to nineteen passengers.

Note at this point that you have the three newest and flagship aircraft – the Bombardier Global 7500, the Dassault Falcon 10X and the Gulfstream G700. With the exception of the Global 7500, these aircraft aren’t even in-production yet.

These nineteen seat private jets are all capable of significant range numbers. However, we also have the Embraer Lineage 1000 and 1000E. These are, technically, converted airliners. However, not quite in the same league as the Airbus Corporate Jets or Boeing Business Jets.

Private jet interior cabin with divan converted to bed
Kristina Postnikova /


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