What Is the Maximum Range of a Private Jet?

The maximum range of private jets can vary wildly depending on the make, model, and size. Use the map below to see how far different private jets can fly. Simply enter a location (anywhere in the world – airports, cities, etc.) and select and aircraft. The red area is the distance that each aircraft can travel without needing to refuel.

Realistically How Far Can Private Jets Fly?

The above map will give you examples of how far each private jet can fly.

Some can fly less than 1,500 Nautical Miles, while others can fly close to 8,000 Nautical Miles.

There are, therefore, many factors that influence how far a private jet can fly. Factors such as passengers on board, weight, meteorological conditions and so on, will all impact the maximum range of an aircraft.

How far can private jets fly - maximum range

Furthermore, as more fuel equals more weight, taking off from a short runway will require a lighter load. This will, therefore, reduce the aircrafts overall range.

However, the map above demonstrates the range capabilities of all types of aircraft. From turboprops to Head of State Aircraft. From single engine jet aircraft to private jets with three engines. All the range figures are the official manufacturer numbers. Therefore, this map represents the absolute maximum non-stop flight distance.

Different Aircraft Fly Different Distances

There are five basic types of aircraft categories available on this map. Turboprop aircraft, Very Light Jets, Light Jets, Medium Jets and Large Jets.

With the exception of turboprop aircraft, the larger the aircraft gets the further it can fly.

Here are some estimates of maximum range of different aircraft types:

Aircraft ClassAverage Range
Turboprop1,700 Nautical Miles
VLJ1,200 Nautical Miles
Light Jet2,000 Nautical Miles
Medium Jet3,000 Nautical Miles
Large Jet4,000 – 7,000 Nautical Miles

The Farthest a Private Jet Can Fly

The private jet that can fly the farthest without needing to refuel is the Bombardier Global 7500. The Global 7500 has a maximum range of 7,700 Nautical Miles.

Bombardier Global 7500 Exterior - how far can private jets fly

To put this in perspective, you could fly non-stop on the Global 7500 from New York to Bangkok.

As you would expect from an aircraft that costs $73 million new, the interior is quite spectacular.

In fact, there are a range of private jets that can fly mind boggling distances, all with incredible interiors.

Dassault 7X Interior

Find the Aircraft With the Range for Your Mission

In order to see the individual range of every private jet – navigate to our aircraft comparison page.

Here you will be able to enter your range requirements, along with price and other factors. You can then easily sort the results to find the right aircraft for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

Due to the highly bespoke nature of private jets, all aircraft will have different prices depending on the chose route. However, estimates can be provided. Please consult the following articles.

If you are interested in calculating your own private jet flight cost, then check out these articles.