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The Gulfstream G700 cockpit is one of the most advanced in the world.

Gulfstream wanted to create an environment that was ergonimic for pilots, along with reducing overall workload and therefore increasing the safety of operation.

At the front the G700 features the Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck, similar to other modern Gulfstream aircraft.

The Symmetry Flight Deck features the active control sidesticks for increased safety. Additionally, intuitive touch-screen avionics and Phase-of-Flight intelligence help to reduce pilot workload and aircraft start-up time.

Gulfstream G700 cockpit with gulfstream Symmetry flight deck, side sticks and touch screen

The G700 can also be fitted with Gulfstream’s Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) with dual head-up displays to land. This allows the aircraft to land in poorer weather in a safer manner and allows the aircraft to reach more airports.

The Predictive Landing Performance System is an award-winning safety feature that can be fitted to the G700 to help pilots ensure they will not overrun the runway. All of this allows you to relax in the back of the airplane knowing that this is one of the safest airports on the market with the latest technological systems.

Given the newness of the Gulfstream G700 cockpit, it takes the original flagship cockpit design of the G650 and steps it up a level.


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