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Private jets provide a level of luxury, exclusivity, and efficiency that is unmatched.

If you are curious about private jets and especially if you are planning on purchasing a private jet, then it is vital to understand the different manufacturers in the world of private aviation.

This is crucial to buyers as knowing the different manufacturers will allow you to find an aircraft that will best suit your needs and requirements.

In the private jet manufacturing industry, there is a wide range of jets available to choose from. This can be daunting to new buyers.

In this guide, you’ll get the necessary information about the key private jet manufacturers in the industry. This will include the history, reputation, and features of their flagship jets.

A Brief History Of The Private Jet Manufacturing Industry

The private jet manufacturing industry, as we know it today, only really came into existence a few decades ago. This history spans several decades and is filled with various advancements in private aircraft development.

Efforts in private jet manufacturing can be traced back to the early 20th century when aviation pioneers began looking into private passenger aircraft.

A prominent pioneer, Bill Lear, set others on the path of the private jet industry. In 1963 he developed the Learjet 23.

This became the first purpose-built private jet that officially set the stage for others. With this, the private jet industry experienced significant growth in the 1960s and upward.

Bombardier Learjet 36A Exterior the first private jet manufacturers

Private jet manufacturers such as Gulfstream, Cessna, and Learjet began to emerge as key players in the rapidly growing market.

They introduced innovative designs and new technologies that spurred private air travel. They also had a growing focus on speed, convenience, and comfort for their clients.

Over the years, there has been a growing demand for larger and more spacious private jets. Also, there has been an increased effort to produce jets that could accommodate more passengers and travel long distances at faster speeds.

Manufacturers such as Bombardier, Dassault, and Gulfstream are now catering to these demands. With their new jet models that combine state-of-the-art style, performance, and engineering into a jet.

To this day, these manufacturers and others are pushing the boundaries of private air travel. Optimizing their jet models to travel faster, be more reliable, and provide comfort.

The Key Private Jet Manufacturers

Here are the key private jet manufacturers in the market that have built a reputation for themselves.

They build leading aircraft that are known for their luxury and sophistication. This list will present some of their top feats and benefits.

Please note, that the following list is presented in no particular order.

1.    Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation is a French aerospace company founded in 1929.

They officially entered the private jet industry in 1963. They make and sell military and civilian planes.

However, their civilian planes are exclusively private jets, otherwise known as business jets, all under the ‘Falcon’ family. These jets are well known for their luxurious look and feel.

Dassault Falcon 50-40 Exterior

Dassault have produced over 25 different jet models, with the most famous series of aircraft being the Falcon 900, Falcon 50, and Falcon 8X aircraft.

Moreover, Dassault Falcon aircraft are unique for the trijet design. However, with their new aircraft of the Falcon 6X and 10X the trijet is currently falling out of favor.

Dassault Falcon typically focus on larger, long-range aircraft, such as the Falcon 7X and Falcon 8X which can fly non-stop for 5,950 and 6,450 nautical miles respectively.

2.    Bombardier 

Bombardier is a Canadian manufacturer and is currently the world’s third-largest aircraft manufacturer worldwide (HOW IS THIS MEASURED).

Bombardier have produced over 30 model variants over the years, having acquired Learjet in (1990) and produced multiple aircraft under the Learjet name until 2021.

Bombardier has produced a variety of aircraft styles, from light jets (the Learjet family), the midsize aircraft (the Challenger family), all the way up to ultra long-range aircraft (the Global family).

Bombardier Global 8000 Exterior

Up until recently, the Bombardier Global 7500 was the longest-range purpose built business jet on the market.

This is no longer the case, with Bombardier developing the new the longest range private jets (joint with the Gulfstream G800) – the Bombardier Global 8000. This aircraft is capable of flying non-stop for up 8,000 nautical miles, ideal for long haul flights. Additionally, the Global 8000 broke the sound barrier when testing.

Now that Bombardier is no longer producing Learjet aircraft their focus is solely on midsize and large aircraft, with aircraft to fit well within the needs of most customers.

3.    Gulfstream

Since 1958, Gulfstream Aerospace has been famous for its private jets. They are headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, U.S.

Gulfstream is synonymous with private aviation and is perhaps the most well-known manufacturer.

The manufacture is famous for long-range, fast corporate jets, all with distinctive oval windows to let in maximum light.

The Gulfstream G550 has long remained one of the most capable and versatile jets on the market, complete with comfortable seating.

Gulfstream G550 Exterior

Gulfstream aircraft typically have low cabin altitudes, light cabins, and 100% fresh air in the cabin.

Currently, they have 8 different private jet models in production such as the G700, G800, and the Gulfstream G650ER.

Half of all the aircraft that Gulfstream is currently manufacturing have a range of 7,000 nautical miles or over.

Generally speaking, Gulfstream aircraft hold their value well as they are the typical go-to for those new to the world of private aviation. Moreover, Gulfstream aircraft are of extremely high quality and extremely capable aircraft.

4.    Textron Aviation

Textron Aviation is a branch of Textron Inc.

It was formed on March 14, 2014. This was after the purchase of Beechcraft and its existing subsidiary Cessna were combined under the new name, Textron Aviation.

The names Beechcraft and Cessna are popular brands that’s why Textron still uses the names for their private jets rollout. This is due to their long history as aircraft manufacturers.

The Beechcraft brand was originally started in Wichita, Kansas in 1932. From this brand, Textron produces four popular lines of jets. They are Beechcraft Bonanza, Baron 95-C55, King Air, and T6 Texan 11.

While Cessna, also headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, has been producing private jets since 1972.

Cessna Citation I Exterior

Their defining private jet line is the Citation Family of Jets. The Citation Latitude and Citation Longitude are popular super midsize jets.

One of the most popular private jets ever was the Cessna Citation Mustang. A very light jet with just 4 seats in the back and an ‘emergency’ toilet.

The Cessna Citation family of aircraft range from small jets designed for hour long hops to larger, longer range business jets. However, the maximum range of a Cessna Citation aircraft is just 3,500 nautical miles.

Therefore, if you need long-range, intercontinental capabilities, the Citation family is unlikely to be able to achieve this.

Additionally, included under the Textron umbrella is Hawker. A former British manufacturer that has popular jets such as the Hawker 400XP, Hawker 750, and Hawker 850XP. However, no new Hawker aircraft are being produced.

5.    Embraer

Embraer is a Brazilian company founded in 1969.

They manufacture a variety of aircraft however; it wasn’t until 2002 that they officially entered the private jet sector.

This makes them one of the youngest manufacturers on this list.

Embraer makes jets ranging from Very Light Jets (VLJs), Super Mid-sized aircraft, and ultra-large jets.

Embraer Phenom 300E exterior on ground with door open at sunset

Embraer has a variety of aircraft families, namely the Phenom family (its smallest jets), the Legacy family (retired midsize aircraft), Praetor family (replacement of the Legacy family), and VIP airliner of the Lineage.

The Embraer Phenom 300 is also the world’s best-selling light jet with 59 sold in 2022, according to General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). Additionally, the Embraer Phenom 100 is one of the most popular very light jets on the market.

6.    Honda Aircraft Company

This is a subsidiary of the Honda Motor Group founded in 2006.

They are based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Their focus is on the design and production of the HondaJet line.

The Honda HA–420 HondaJet was their first private jet to be released.

HondaJet Exterior in blue paint, aerial shot above the clouds banking left

It is an 6-seat (typically accommodates 4 passengers comfortably) light business jet with twin engines.

Over 200 HA–420 have been sold as of the end of 2021.

Also in 2018, the HondaJet Elite line was unveiled.

The HondaJet is one of the last few aircraft in the very light jet category of aircraft.

7.    Pilatus Aircraft

This is a Swiss manufacturer located in Stans, Switzerland.

The PC–12 and PC–24 are their most popular and best-selling business aircraft. Note that the PC-12 is a turboprop, however, it boasts impressive performance figures.

The PC–24 is their best-known model. It is versatile, economical, and can land in small unpaved runways.

Due to its versatility, it is used for transporting cargo, people, and medical evacuation. Pilatus state that the PC-24 should have its own category of private jet known as the  Super Versatile Jet, especially given its ability and common use as an air ambulance.

8.    Eclipse Aerospace

Exlipse aerospace produced just two aircraft in its lifespan, the Eclipse 500 and Eclipse 550.

Both aircraft were very light jets produced in the mid 2000s. They were small and designed for short 40-minute missions.

When first launched there was some controversy over the lack of toilet, however, the reason was the keep the aircraft small and because the missions were so short it was unlikely that a toilet would be needed.

Eclipse 500 exterior in flight

These aircraft were moderately successful, however, sadly not enough to keep Eclipse Aerospace in business.

9.    Nextant

Nextant doesn’t technically manufacture aircraft, rather, they remanufacture aircraft.

Nextant produced two jet aircraft, the 400XTi and 604XT.

The 400XTi started out in life as a Hawker 400XP. What Nextant do is replace all the key components of the aircraft to make it essentially a new aircraft.

As a result, customers get a like new aircraft without the costs that would come with a cleansheet design.

Additionally, the same process is applied to the 604XT which started out in life as a Bombardier Challenger 300 aircraft.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Private Jet Manufacturer

With the manufacturers listed above, it will be quite daunting to choose the right manufacturer.

For this crucial decision, you must choose the manufacturer that will cater to your overall flying experience.

With these factors, you should be able to select a reliable manufacturer that will guarantee that your specific requirements are met. Some factors to consider are;

Manufacturer’s Track Record and History

Manufacturers with a long history of private jet production will likely have a notable reputation among customers around the world. Therefore, you should look for manufacturers with a history of producing high-quality and reliable private jets.

Check their certifications, awards, and most of all, customer reviews. This will give you insight into their customer satisfaction and jet performance.

Private Jet Range

You may have a specific size range for the jet of your choice. If so, you should consider the range of jets and their models offered by these manufacturers. Some manufacturers specialize in light jets, mid-size jets, and large jets.

Under this factor, issues such as your specific travel preference, the number of passengers, flight range, and desired amenities. When you’ve considered this, choose a manufacturer that aligns with your needs.

Customer Support and After-sales Service

Private jets, though created for convenience, are also investments. This means that you want to ensure that you have access to reliable support while you own a private jet.

Search for manufacturers that provide comprehensive customer assistance which includes maintenance services, spare parts, repairs, technical assistance, and warranty coverage. This way, your jet lasts longer.


Private jets are priced differently depending on your requirements. While each manufacturer has their pricing structure, it is crucial to set a budget and weigh it against the pricing from different manufacturers.

Keep in mind that the cheapest may not always be the best in terms of quality. Your budget, the manufacturer’s reputation, and the jet’s features should be taken into account.

Technological Advancements

The technology in the private jet sector is always evolving. This means manufacturers that prioritize innovation are more likely to provide improved features, reliable safety measures, and enhanced flying efficiency.

Stay abreast of the latest developments in the sector and how they can benefit you. Some of these companies offer customization options where you get to specify what and how the interior of your jet should look like. This should also be considered as to what technologies will appear in your jet.

Safety and Performance

Safety should be a top priority for you when choosing a private jet manufacturer. Check the safety records of the manufacturer you’re considering. Also, see if they adhere to stringent safety standards and have a solid reputation for producing secure and reliable jets.

As for performance, this includes speed and trip length. Find manufacturers whose jets can match your speed requirements and whether they can be taken for a long or short trip.

pilatus pc-24 water ingestion test - are private jets safer than commercial

Expert’s Opinion

It is recommended that if possible, you should consult with an aviation professional. This expert will have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, explaining things in simple terms to you.

Their guidance will be valuable in your assessment of various private jet manufacturers, their offerings, and the overall features and capabilities of their jets. With their help, it will be easier to navigate through the complexities and the jargon of avionics. You’ll reach a decision that aligns with your needs perfectly.

Procuring a private jet from a reputable manufacturer requires careful consideration. Nevertheless, when you carefully consider these factors, you can then make an informed decision before choosing a manufacturer.

Adequate research and evaluation will guarantee that a manufacturer meets your requirements and an all-around enjoyable experience flying.


In conclusion, we hope this guide will be useful to you. keeping you informed about what you should know when it comes to private jet manufacturers.

Investing in a private jet is a significant decision. So, understanding the manufacturers and their private jet specifications is integral to your decision-making.

However, it is more important to select your aircraft based on its individual capabilities rather than just because it belongs to a particular manufacturer. However, knowing the manufacturers will give you a good idea as to where you should start.


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