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While private jets are most commonly used for short hops, crossing the Atlantic by private jet is the ultimate way to fly.

Private jets provide unparalleled privacy, flexibility, comfort and efficiency.

Flying across the Atlantic by private jet is popular among customers who need to save time while crossing the pond or are require to travel for an emergency.

The short answer to this question is yes. Private jets can cross the Atlantic. However, we will dive further into this question, looking at routes, flight time, aircraft, comfort and price.


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There are a variety of routes that can be taken when crossing the Atlantic. The absolute shortest being Shannon to Gander. However, this is not a popular choice.

According to PrivateFly, the most popular transatlantic routes are London to Miami, Paris to New York, Geneva to Los Angeles and Nice to Tornoto.

Some of these routes have been illustrated on the map above. Additionally, London to New York is a popular route.

Essentially, flying across the Atlantic connects North America with Europe.

Flight Time

How long does it take to cross the Atlantic?

This will depend heavily on the route taken and the aircraft chosen. However, the flight time of popular routes can be provided.

The absolute shortest way to cross the Atlantic – Shannon to Gander – takes just 3 hours 30 minutes in optimum conditions.

On the other end of the spectrum flying by private jet from Geneva to Los Angeles can take nearly 11 hours.

An important factor to consider is weather. Depending upon headwinds, tailwinds and weather diversions, flight times can be affected significantly. In some cases flights can take an additional hour. In some cases flights can be completed even quicker than scheduled.

Below are some typical flight times of common private jet transatlantic routes.

OriginDestinationEstimated Flight Time
LondonMiami 8 hours 30 minutes
ParisNew York7 Hours 10 Minutes
NiceToronto8 Hours 5 Minutes
MadridDallas9 Hours 20 Minutes
GenevaLos Angeles10 Hours 50 Minutes
Estimated flight time flying by private jet across the Atlantic

Suitable Aircraft

While it is possible to fly by private jet that requires a fuel stop while crossing the Atlantic (e.g. Greenland or Iceland), the most suitable aircraft will be midsize or larger.

Midsize aircraft are perfect for transatlantic flights. For example, the Embraer Praetor 500 or the super midsize Gulfstream G280.

These aircraft have low cabin altitudes, quiet cabins and plenty of space for a lie flat bed. The aircraft have plenty of space to dine, relax and work.

If you are seeking the ultimate comfortable private jet then a large jet will be required. Aircraft that suit this category are the Dassault Falcon 7X, Gulfstream G550 and Bombardier Global 5000.

These aircraft have separate living areas, dedicated bedrooms and even showers onboard. These aircraft are perfect for longer distances and can accommodate large groups.

For example, the Gulfstream G650 can comfortably sleep 10 people, with each person having a fully flat bed.

Use the map below to enter your starting location and select an aircraft to see its range. The red circle is the maximum distance that each aircraft can fly.

Price Across the Atlantic

Pricing will vary depending on a variety of factors. However, some estimate prices can be provided for popular routes.

The following prices are for a super midsize aircraft – such as a Dassault Falcon 900LX or Embraer Praetor 600. The prices are for one way flights only.

OriginDestinationEstimated One Way Price
LondonMiami$110,000 / £79,000
ParisNew York$75,000 / €63,000
NiceToronto$83,000 / €70,000
MadridDallas$120,000 / €101,000
GenevaLos Angeles$150,000 / €126,000
Estimated one way price flying by private jet across the Atlantic in a midsize jet. Prices in USD, GBP & EUR.

As you can see, the shorter the mission the cheaper the price.

Keep in mind that these prices are estimates only. Therefore, if you require an accurate quote please contact a private jet charter broker or operator. Such as Villiers Jets or Air Charter Service.

If you are looking to get the best price then learn about flying empty legs. Empty legs allow you to fly by private jet but at up to 75% less.


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