Traveling With Pets by Private Jet

HondaJet Exterior on the ground with a family of four and a dog walking away from the aircraft"

Pets are our faithful companions.

If a holiday or a business trip is imminent, many people will have the question of how do you transport their beloved four-legged friend?

In the best case scenario, you can ask family members or a close friend to look after your pet. Alternatively, you could book a kennel to for your pet to stay in.

However, most pet owners don’t want to go without their loved ones. Therefore, it can often be preferable to travel with your pet, ideally in the cabin of the aircraft with you. Unfortunately, this is often not possible with most commercial, scheduled airline flights.

Taking Pets with You on Scheduled Flights

On the majority of airlines, dogs and cats are usually separated from their owners. The animals are transported in a narrow transport box in the luggage compartment.

For the animal, this type of transport is not the most comfortable way to travel. The animals can often suffer, given that they are separated from their caregivers and they often arrive at their destination stressed and exhausted.

When traveling in the hold, there are also significant temperature fluctuations. This, of course, is because the luggage area for animals is not as well regulated as the passenger cabin.

As a result, the caregiver of the pet will often be flying while concerned for their four-legged friend, therefore increasing the owner’s stress while flying.

The Advantage of Traveling by Private Jet with Pets

Traveling by private jet, on the other hand, offers a comfortable solution for people and animals. This is because, when flying by private jet, of course, the animal can fly with their owners in the aircraft cabin. Note that not all private jet charters will allow a pet onboard. This is at the discretion of the aircraft owner. Therefore, check before renting a private jet as to whether or not you can take your pet onboard.


Taking an animal in the cabin will allow the pet to enjoy the same level of comfort onboard as the humans. Additionally, there is much less stress from not having to separate from each other. Moreover, you can always ensure that your pet is happy and healthy during the flight.

Have a Stress Free Trip to the Airport

It is well known that animals are more relaxed when traveling in familiar surroundings and settings, especially when traveling with their owners.

When flying by private jet the external, unfamiliar stimuli are minimized. The pet can be driven straight up to the aircraft and doesn’t have to spend a long time waiting for the aircraft.

At Düsseldorf Airport, the popular valet service offers a particularly convenient parking option. Here you drive your own car directly to the terminal and hand it over there to an employee who takes care of the tiresome parking for you.

Upon return, the car will be in front again provided at the arrival terminal. This eliminates long walks with luggage and pets. As a result, much time and effort are saved.

Requirements for Flying by Private Jet with Pets

It is important to remember that, along with human passengers, pets will need their own travel documents.

Depending on where you are traveling, different IDs and vaccination certificates are required. Therefore, be sure to check before you fly.

For example, in many countries, your pet must have an up-to-date rabies vaccination in order to enter the country.

Whenever you are taking a pet on a private jet, be sure to inform the relevant party beforehand so that everyone is prepared. If you are chartering this will be your charter broker. For Jet Card and Fractional Owners, this will be the flight department. If you own your jet – while you won’t need approval from the owner to fly (providing you are the owner) – you should still inform your flight department or jet manager.