Private Jet Vs First Class – Should You Make the Switch?

Gulfstream G700 interior white leather seats

Private jet vs first class – an important question. Especially if you have been flying first class for a while and are wondering whether you should take the next step to switch to flying via private jet. It is unlikely that there are many people wondering whether they should move from private jet to first class…

First things first, a private jet is more expensive than first class. While certain routes and aircraft may not be as expensive as you think or the price differential may be quite low, a private jet will cost more.

Sure, there are empty legs and deals floating around that mean you can get some private jet flights for a considerably knocked down price, but if you fly a lot on specific routes, scouring the internet for empty legs just isn’t going to be viable. If you want a quote for an upcoming flight have a look at charters here or get an instant quote from Private Jet Finder.

So, you are aware that it will cost more to fly via private jet and you have the cash to spend on the flights. Is that money well spent?

Now, more than ever, the answer is yes.

No Masks Required

First, safety. The difference in safety between a private jet and flying commercial is negligible. New private jets feature the latest technology, such as runway overrun warnings, head-up-displays and approach assistants. Safety, in the current climate, refers to viruses – specifically the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Flying on a private jet will expose you to fewer strangers, the circulated air will be cleaner (Gulfstream’s have 100% fresh air in the cabin), the crew are under more rigorous checks for coronavirus, and the cabin is cleaned more thoroughly and more frequently than on commercial aircraft. Now is a great time to upgrade from First Class to a private jet.

The World Revolves Around You – Private Jet Vs First Class

Next is the convenience. If you schedule changes frequently or you don’t know when you will be free to leave, a private jet will wait for you and be there. There is no missing your flight and having to wait for the next one. A private jet will be at your disposal and wait for you.

Additionally, while private jets don’t fly much faster than commercial aircraft, they are far more time efficient. There is no waiting in the airport for hours before a flight. No queuing up for security. There is no hanging around at baggage reclaim. Thanks to fewer people passing through the terminal and flying in and out of smaller airports, you can get to the airport just 15 minutes before your flight is due to depart.

Furthermore, thanks to the ability of flying in and out of smaller airports you have less travel time between your point of origin and the airport, and your destination and arrival airport. Private jet’s aren’t going to save you much time once you are in the air, they save you time on the ground.

The Only Person That Matters

When considering private jet vs first class, attention to detail is critical. One of the benefits of First Class is the exceptional service and attention to detail. On a private jet this is taken to another level. The staff working in First Class are likely going to have to focus on twenty passengers. On a private jet the focus is just on you and the passengers you have brought along. You can also arrange to have any meal you want on the flight and the galleys can be more advanced than a commercial aircraft.

Keep in mind that the food and galley only really exist on light aircraft and up. Smaller aircraft, such as the HondaJet and Phenom 100EV, will not come with a flight attendant or large galley.

Private Jet Vs First Class – A Full-Size Bed At 51,000 Feet

Then there is of course the comfort of the cabin. Once you start looking at mid-size aircraft and larger, you start to get cabins will low cabin altitudes and quite cabins. Far quieter than you can expect from a commercial airliner. If you are flying long-haul this will mean that you arrive at your destination with less jet lag so you can get to work straight away.

Bed interior on a Dassault Falcon 7X - private jet vs first class

Bedroom on a Dassault Falcon 7X

Thanks to having a personal cabin and choosing who is on your flight, it can be a great time to make calls and have meetings. The efficient layout of most private jets with club seating are perfectly set-up for conversations and meals.

Another important consideration of private jet vs first class is long haul flying. If you are flying long haul on a private jet there are separate bedrooms and options for showers. You will arrive at your destination far more refreshed than you ever could from having flown first class.

It Isn’t All Perfect

At this point there seems to not be a reason to ever fly first class. However, it isn’t all perfect in the world of private jets. If you are chartering an aircraft on-demand there are very few loyalty programmes and one of the big benefits of flying commercial First Class are the air miles.

Also, booking a First Class ticket is less hassle than a private jet charter. If you want to book a first class ticket from New York to Las Vegas all you have to do is type it into Skyscanner, get an instant price and pay straight away. If you want to book a private jet charter you have find a suitable charter (look here to compare them), contact them for a quote, choose the aircraft type, sign contracts and send over passports. There are far more stages involved in booking a private jet.

The Verdict

So, should you fly via private jet? If you have the cash, then yes. Private jets are far more flexible, more luxurious than first class, safer from coronavirus, have better service and save you time waiting around. The downsides are the lack of loyalty schemes (some on-demand charters have them, view here) and the increased complexities of booking a charter.

It is highly likely that once you start flying via private jet you won’t go back to first class.