The Most Expensive Private Jets

Embraer Legacy 450 Cockpit

The most expensive expensive private jets represent the ultimate ways to fly in luxury and style. The change in the aviation landscape has led to many more people considering flying by private jet.

However, while many people see chartering a jet the best way to fly, owning your own aircraft has many benefits.

The freedom to design your own interior. Employing a crew that you trust. Knowing that your jet will always be available.

Embraer Legacy 450 Cockpit

These are just some of the benefits of ownership. However, as to be expected when spending millions of dollars, there are many factors to consider. Factors such as range, speed, comfort and size are all important. Although the most crucial factor is whether you have the ability to finance the aircraft.

While the price of the aircraft is a barrier to entry for many people, what if money were no object? What if you could purchase the most expensive jet in the world?

Thankfully we have compiled a list of the five most expensive private jets that are currently for sale. Please note, this list does not include converted airliners such as the Boeing Business Jets or Airbus Corporate Jets. This list will only consider purpose built private jets. Please also note, prices stated are list price before options.

5) Bombardier Global 6000 – $62 Million

Bombardier Global 6000 Exterior takeoff at sunset with mountains behind
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The Bombardier Global 6000 comes in as the fifth most expensive private jet on our list.

The first delivery was made in 2012 and the Canadian manufacturer has been building them ever since.

The Global 6000 is a highly capable aircraft with a range of 6,000 Nautical Miles and a maximum cruising altitude of 51,000 feet.

The Rolls-Royce engines are able to power the Global 6000 to a maximum cruising speed of 513 Knots.

With space for up to 17 passengers, the $62 million aircraft features hardwood flooring in the galley, elegant lines and seats sculpted to the human body.

A low cabin altitude, quiet cabin and advanced Cabin Management Center ensure that you arrive at your destination well rested.

As you would expect from an aircraft that can comfortably connect continents, a stateroom can be found in the rear of the aircraft. This area adds a sense of tranquility with large windows providing ample natural light.

4) Gulfstream G650 – $65 Million

Gulfstream G650 Exterior
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Next, the fourth most expensive private jet is the Gulfstream G650 coming in at $65 million.

For this price you get an aircraft that can fly non-stop for up to 7,000 Nautical Miles at a maximum altitude of 51,000 feet. Maximum cruise speed comes in at 516 knots. This makes the G650 one of the fastest civilian aircraft in the sky.

Furthermore, with space for up to 19 passengers, a maximum cabin altitude of 4,100 feet will ensure that passengers are relaxed. The cabin can also accommodate up to 10 passengers in a sleeping configuration.

The Gulfstream-designed CabinView Cabin Management System lets passengers track flight progress, display points of interest and provide passenger breefings.

3) Gulfstream G650ER – $70 Million

Gulfstream G650ER Exterior
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Making it onto the podium in the list of most expensive private jets is the G650‘s big brother, the G650ER.

The G650ER is just like the G650 except slightly bigger in order to accommodate the extra fuel to make it fly further.

The G650ER is able to fly non-stop for up to 7,500 Nautical Miles.

Much like the G650, the G650ER can fly at a maximum altitude of 51,000 feet and at a maximum cruise speed of 516 knots.

The cabin has space for up to 19 passengers. In its sleeping configuration, the cabin can accommodate up to 10 passengers.

2) Bombardier Global 7500 – $73 Million

Bombardier Global 7500 Exterior
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The runner up in the list of the most expensive private jets is the Bombardier Global 7500. The Global 7500 misses the top spot by just $2 million – costing $73 million list price before options.

For this price you get an aircraft that can fly non-stop for up to 7,700 Nautical Miles. This impressive performance allowed the 7500 to set the record for the longest mission ever flown by a purpose built business jet. The mission was from Sydney to Detroit, Michigan. The total flight time came in at 17 hours.

Therefore, if you are going to spend 17 hours in one place, it better be comfortable.

Four separate living areas means that there is space for a master suite with a full size bed, a dedicated crew rest area and kitchen. Extra large windows throughout the cabin bring in an abundance of natural light. According to Bombardier, there are so many windows that the Global 7500 provides more natural light in the cabin than any other private jet.

The aircraft boasts business aviation’s first circadian rhythm-based lighting system in order to fight jet lag. If you combine this with the quiet cabin and maximum cabin altitude of 5,680 feet, you get an aircraft that guarantees you arrive at your destination with minimum jet lag.

As you would expect, just off the master suite you will find the en suite bathroom. Here you will find a stand-up shower to help you relax during flight.

1) Gulfstream G700 – $75 Million

Gulfstream G700 Exterior top down shot on taxiway
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Claiming the spot in the list of the most expensive private jet is the Gulfstream G700, coming in at a list price of $75 million before options.

The Rolls-Royce engines are able to power the G700 to a maximum cruise speed of 516 knots and to a maximum altitude of 51,000 feet. The maximum range of the aircraft is 7,500 Nautical Miles when optimized for the cruise.

According to Gulfstream, the G700 features the tallest, widest and longest cabin in the private jet industry. The cabin is so large that you can fit up to five living spaces within the cabin.

The G700 can carry up to 19 passengers, just like the G650 and G650ER. However, when it comes time to sleep the G700 is able to accommodate up to 13 passengers in a sleeping configuration. Of course, sleeping configuration means that each passenger has a fully flat bed.

The rear of the aircraft can be outfitted as a private stateroom. Naturally, you can then configure the aircraft to have a private en suite at the very rear of the aircraft – just off the stateroom. Here you can select to have a stand-up shower.

As to be expected from one of the newest private jets on the market, the entire cabin can be controlled from your phone. You can change cabin elements such as the temperature and the lighting.

Gulfstream’s signature oval windows are placed throughout the cabin. Combine this with the low cabin altitude of 4,850 feet and the 100% fresh air system, and you get one of the most comfortable places in the sky. While also being one of the most expensive in the sky.