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Reasons to Travel by Private Jet – What to Know

By 9 February 2021October 5th, 2022No Comments4 min read

Many people regard private jet travels abound with celebrity fame and fortune. Movie portrayals bring an image of sophistication and class where guests can recline against a luxurious leather seat with a bottle of champagne on hand, but the reasons for choosing a private jet for traveling have less to do with wealthy entitlement and more to do with the beneficial logistic it brings for travelers.

Chartering a private jet gives guests the freedom to fly whenever and wherever they want in a comfortable setting that is designed to meet individual needs. While first-class commercial planes aim to make a luxurious experience by installing elaborate seats and private apartments, private jets offer benefits that cover more than luxury, making its hefty costs worthwhile. To that end, here are the reasons why you should choose a private jet for your travels.

Benefit #1: Incomparable Booking Convenience

A standard international flight would require you to be at the airport and wait in line three hours prior to the departure. This is to ensure that you can clear security and check-in your belongings in time, considering the influx of other guests in the queue.

Private jets, on the other hand, allow you to book a jet charter with as little as four hour’s notice along with the benefit of eliminating the need to arrive early before departure.

Boarding procedures can last for only 15 minutes from arrival to take off, which ensures a smoother boarding process, faster journeys, and no risk of flight disruptions. This is a significant advantage, especially for business people who are following a strict itinerary or have last-minute flights.

Additionally, it avoids overnight stays and has no need to land on stopovers on your way to your destination. With its ability to land at over 5,000 airports in the United States alone, you can save a significant amount of time and land closer to your drop-off point. Upon arrival, most private jets also offer their guests a limousine, taxi, or helicopter ready to escort passengers to their lodgings or hotel.

Benefit #2: Private Jets Offer Excellent Service

Private jets are equipped with a customer care team that will support your needs during the entire duration of the flight. This includes full catering that consists of a wide selection of wine and champagne as well as the possibility to pre-order your preferred food and beverages.

Your items and heavy baggage have a dedicated compartment that is easily accessible yet safe from any potential damage, not to mention, there are no luggage restrictions and extra charges for carry-ons to worry about.

Benefit #3: Private Jets can Increase Productivity

Due to the absence of layovers in-between airports, people traveling for business purposes have more time to work intermittently. The environment creates the perfect condition for silence and concentration, making it an excellent place to either unwind or get some extra work done.

The Bottom Line

Private jets offer benefits that go beyond the sense of luxury. It eliminates your worries about baggage restrictions, have more tolerance for carry-on items and liquids, leaves more legroom for optimal comfort and increased productivity, as well as makes traveling a convenient and efficient experience.

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