Dassault Falcon 6X

2022 - Future


16 Pax


5,500 Nautical Miles

Cruise Speed

516 Knots


51,000 Feet

Fuel Burn

419 GPH

Key Facts

  • Has the ability to fly 5,500 Nautical Miles without needing to refuel – enough to fly non-stop from London to Sao Paulo.
  • Benefits from a stand up cabin and over 2 meters width for maximum comfort.
  • Low cabin altitude, quiet cabin and fresh air filtration system ensure you will arrive at your destination feeling refreshed.
  • Features 30 large windows for maximum natural light, along with the first every skylight in a business aircraft.
  • Features Dassault’s latest EASy III avionics suite, along with FalconEye, FalconSphere II and the Digital Flight Control System.

Overview & History

The Dassault Falcon 6X is the newest business jet that has been created by the French manufacturer. As a result, the Falcon 6X features all the latest technology for maximum comfort and convenience. Furthermore, Dassault say that the Falcon 6X fits into its own category – the ultra widebody business jet. However, for the purposes of industry categorization, the Falcon 6X is in the large jet category.

The 6X dates back to 2017. At this time Dassault announced the 6X, scheduling it for release in 2022. The design of the 6X was revealed in 2018, with the aircraft being rolled-out in December 2020. Additionally, deliveries are expected to commence in 2022.

The Falcon 6X fits into Dassault’s business aircraft lineup just below the larger 7X and 8X. Despite being part of the “X” family, the 6X does not feature three jet engines like the 7X and 8X do. However this does not negatively impact its range or fuel efficiency. The 6X can comfortably cruise from London to Sao Paulo or New York to Tel Aviv.


Dassault Falcon 6X Performance

The Dassault Falcon 6X is powered by two rear mounted Pratt & Whitney Canada PW812D engines. Each engine produces 13,460 lbf of thrust. This makes the 6X capable of taking off in just 5,480 feet. Additionally, the 6X is capable of landing in a minimum distance of 2,480 feet.

When optimized for the cruise (0.80 mach, 8 passengers, 3 crew), the 6X can fly 5,500 Nautical Miles (6,329 Miles / 10,186 KM) without needing to refuel. When optimized for speed the 6X can cruise at 516 knots or 0.90 mach. The 6X is capable of cruising up to 51,000 feet and has a Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) of 77,460 lbs.

Additionally, thanks to Dassault’s heritage building fighter jets, the 6X is very stable at the speeds and angles required at smaller airstrips. As a result, take offs and landings are safer and quicker compared with non-Dassault aircraft. The wing of the 6X is also optimized for both high and low speed performance. Thanks to its leading edge slats and trailing edge flaps, the aircraft demonstrates remarkably low take off and approach speeds. For example, the approached speed of the 6X is 109 knots – around 10 knots slower than most comparable jets with similar performance figures. The benefit of this – greater safety margins on takeoffs and landings.

Critically, these aforementioned characteristics increase the operational ability of the aircraft. Therefore, the 6X is capable of landing at airports such as London City and Lugano.


Dassault Falcon 6X Interior

The Falcon 6X has a truly stunning cabin. The latest in technology and comfort have been integrated to maximize passenger comfort.

Firstly, the 6X has a tall and wide cabin. According to Dassault, the 6X has the tallest and widest cabin in any purpose-built business jet. This gives you more space to sit or stand. It also provides more room for privacy and relaxation. Additionally, common space has been allocated in order to allow teams to meet and confer. Dassault have built the cabin to be flexible between living and working space. This allows you to stay comfortable while achieving more.

Cabin height in the 6X comes in at 6 feet 6 inches. This ensures that almost every person that steps onboard can comfortably stand up. The cabin being 102 inches wide also provides passengers with more elbow room, aisle space and more comfortable divans. More space has been allocated for individual seating and greater privacy has been integrated. These details are most notable in the rear cabin during overnight flights.


Dassault Falcon 6X interior Layout


Dassault Falcon 6X Interior Continued

When cruising at 41,000 feet the 6X has a cabin altitude of just 3,900 feet. This ensures that you will feel refreshed at the end of a long flight. The air filtration system on the Falcon 6X keeps you breathing easier and gets fresh air into your lungs. The entire volume of cabin air can be refreshed in under three minutes. Furthermore, Dassault have been able to make the interior of the cabin have some of the lowest sound levels on the market. According to Dassault, the sounds levels are “below the level of normal conversation”.

The 6X has 30 large windows throughout the cabin. Windows are closely spaced to increase the field of view when looking out the window. The volume of natural light entering the cabin is sure to elevate your mood and enlarge your perspective. Incredibly, Dassault have managed to integrate a skylight into the cabin. The first ever in a business aircraft. This drenches the entrance and galley areas in natural light.

A critical aspect of business jets in their connectivity to the outside world. The cabin can be controlled from your own personal device, allowing you to control lighting, volume level and entertainment options. The connectivity onboard will make you feel like your at your own home or office.



The Falcon 6X has the latest version of Dassault’s award winning avionics suite – the EASy III. With every iteration of the EASy flight deck Dassault make significant improvements. Thanks to the latest developments in technology and through listening to Falcon operators, the EASy flight deck will be loved by passengers and pilots alike. For example, Dassault have now made the EASy III quicker to power up and power down all systems with the touch of one button.

As you would expect, the 6X features the award-winning FalconEye Combined Vision System. This system provides unprecedented situational awareness for flight crews. Furthermore, the aircraft is fitted with the FalconSphere II. This is an integrated Electronic Flight Bag solution that reduces the time and effort of preparing for missions.

Pilots will have exceptional visibility thanks to the four large windows in the cockpit. Glare shields are shaped in such a way to give pilots an expanded field of view. Increase legroom and large, more comfortable seats contribute to enhanced crew comfort.

Finally, the Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) has been made part of the 6X and commands all flight control surfaces, including slats and flaps. Flight envelope protection avoids exceeding structural speed limits or stalls. This enables pilots to achieve maximum performance quickly and decisively without exceeding the limit.


Dassault Falcon 6X Charter Cost

The estimated cost to charter a Dassault Falcon 6X is upwards of $10,000 per flight hour. Naturally, prices will vary depending on availability, fuel prices, ground fees and more.


Purchase Cost

The current list price for a brand new Falcon 6X is $47 million. Of course, pre-owned aircraft simply don’t exist yet. Therefore, if you want to the latest and greatest in the business aviation world you will need to buy from new.

In-Depth Figures


Range: 5,500 nm

Cruise Speed: 516 knots

Ceiling: 51,000 feet

Take Off Distance: 5,480 feet

Landing Distance: 2,480 feet


Exterior Length: 25.68 metres

Exterior Height: 7.47 metres

Wingspan: 25.94 metres

Interior Length: 12.3 metres

Interior Width: 2.58 metres

Interior Height: 1.98 metres

Interior/Exterior Ratio: 48%


Number of Passengers: 16

Cabin Noise Levels: 49 dB

Cabin Altitude: 6,000 feet

Estimated Price Per Hour: $10,000

Purchase Price: $47 million


Engine Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney Canada

Engine Model: PW812D

Fuel Burn: 419 Gallons per Hour


Baggage Capacity: 155 Cubic Feet

Baggage Weight: lbs

Max Take Off Weight: 77,460 lbs

Range Map

Dassault Falcon 6X Rangemap with London as the Origin City