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Chartering a private jet, whether for a big sporting event, a party, a business meeting, or any other reason, is an exciting adventure. However, if this is your first time doing it, you may be unsure of some aspects of the process; here are eight tips for chartering your first private jet.

Private jet charter waiting on tarmac

What Do You Want Out of the Experience?

Firstly, you need to decide what you want out of the experience. Different jets offer passengers various benefits, such as a bedroom, a fully stocked fridge, or both. What you want out of the flight and how far you are going will change the price of the flight. Therefore, someone using a jet for a quick multi-state hop won’t need the same things as someone flying overseas.


Next, you must work out your budget and the flight cost. A private jet charter isn’t always extremely expensive, and there are several ways to get the same experience without breaking the bank.

Fly With Friends

If you want to cut costs but not diminish the experience, one of the best and most common things to do is fly with friends. If you can fill every, or nearly every, seat, you can make a private jet flight more budget-friendly compared to a commercial one.

Empty Legs

Another way to get bang for your buck is to fly an empty leg. In simple terms, an empty leg is when a jet has arrived at a destination but has no passengers to take back. Private jets typically return to a home base at some point in the journey. Because of this, these empty-leg flights are usually more affordable, and if you get enough friends or family to join, you can enjoy a luxurious private flight at a fraction of the cost.

Private jet charter on tarmac


When it comes to destinations, you will have a wide variety of options. Private jets don’t need the same runways and terminals as commercial aircraft, meaning you can land at an airport in Los Angeles or a more remote destination like a small landing strip in Wyoming.


Private jets come in various shapes and sizes; some will have up to a dozen cushy seats, while others can have fully equipped kitchens, a bedroom and beds, meeting rooms, and even a bathroom fitted with a shower.

Once again, all of these will come at a cost, but you can take your flight to the next level by choosing something grand and luxurious. If you plan on flying to a far-flung destination, long-haul private jets typically have multiple bed options, a lovely bathroom, and possibly an entertainment area.

When To Arrive

One of the benefits of flying privately is that you don’t have to follow the same “boarding rules” as commercial passengers. Most private jets operate out of separate terminals, with some offering passengers lounges to relax in before the flight.

Passport control is also much smoother, as only a few passports and passengers can check per flight. Therefore, your arrival time is relatively flexible. There is no need to arrive two or three hours before your flight, and depending on the airport, you can drive up right to the aircraft and hop on immediately.

Dress Code

One misconception about flying privately is that many first-timers assume there is a dress code.

Once again, private jet offer freedom, with what you wear being almost always up to you. The only time there may be a dress code is if you are flying for business or with clients and want to appear formal; aside from that, you can wear your pajamas if you want to.


While private jets do offer far more luggage options than commercial flights, there are still some limitations in place, typically decided by the type of jet you are on. Since private jets are small and relatively lightweight, baggage weight is a reasonably substantial consideration.

You will usually have enough space for everything you may need for your trip, except if there are half a dozen passengers, you can’t bring six bags each, for example. You can also easily contact your flight operator and discuss baggage limitations before your flight. 

Private jet in the sky flying overhead

Assigned Seating

Interestingly, there aren’t any hard and fast rules about assigned seating, but there is seating etiquette that you can follow. Many private jet experts agree that the person who organized the flight, paid for it, or both should be given the first choice for a seat, a bed, etc.

Whether you find a budget way of hiring a private jet charter, like sharing with friends, or spare no expense, this will be an unforgettable experience. These tips will help you easily book your first private flight and ensure you have one of the best experiences of your life. Once you have flown privately, even first-class won’t look as tempting.

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