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Everything You Need to Know to Buy a Private Jet

Instantly access a comprehensive private jet ownership platform, enabling you to purchase a private jet confidently.

Aircraft Search

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Use over 13 variables to powerfully sort and filter through over 140 aircraft. Filter by cruise speed, range, cost, and more, to find the right aircraft for your mission.

Ownership Costs

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Instantly calculate the estimated annual ownership cost of over 140 private jets, tailored to your anticipated usage. See the breakdown of each cost.

Acquisition Cost

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Access the current and historical market values for over 1,000 model years of private jets. Additionally, get a single percentage figure of aircraft depreciation. 

Should You Buy a Private Jet?

Private jet ownership isn’t for everyone.

For the occasional flyer, on-demand charters make the most sense. Above this, jet cards are a great solution. However, for those who will be flying more than 300 hours per year – either as an individual or corporation – private jet ownership can start to make sense.

Of course, ownership being the right solution for you will depend on a number of variables. However, if you have the budget for purchasing and operating your own jet, then it is a viable solution. Private jet ownership provides greater certainty of availability, absolute customization, reliability, ease-of-use, status, and more.

If you answer yes to any of the following points, you should consider private jet ownership.

How It Works


Search & Filter Aircraft

Start by sorting and filtering through the database of over 140 private jets. Powerfully use over 10 filters, such as cruise speed, range, and passenger capacity, to narrow down aircraft to those that meet your needs.

See results get filtered in real-time and compare the most important statistics of aircraft side-by-side.

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Compare Aircraft

Compare the performance capabilities of each aircraft side-by-side. See how aircraft stack up against each other with the most critical performance figures.

Additionally, visualize the maximum range of up to 3 private jets at once using the interactive range map.

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Data Points
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Dive Into the Data

Get in-depth data for all the aircraft that suit your criteria, including the estimated acquisition and ownership costs. Get the new purchase price, current market value, depreciation percentage, and adjusted value for over 1,000 model years of aircraft.

Additionally, get personalized annual fixed and hourly variable costs for over 140 aircraft tailored to your expected usage.

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market values
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cost variables

How Will This Help You When Purchasing a Jet?

Make Better Decisions, Faster

Important ownership information for over 140 private jets is all in one place, right at your fingertips. This allows you to find the right jet quickly.

Important Information

Knowing the performance capabilities of aircraft, acquisition costs, and operating costs are important in making sure the aircraft can keep up with you.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

When dealing with multi-million dollar assets, choosing the wrong one can be costly. The more information you have, the better you can avoid a costly mistake.

Full Control Over Aircraft

Have total control over your aircraft. Choose where it flies, who flies on it, who flies it, who works on it, how it is configured, stored, and so much more. Know the exact history of the aircraft and control every aspect, resulting in your perfect aviation experience.

Ultimate Customization

Choose the exterior paintwork, interior layout, materials, options, amenities, and every other little detail. Customize the aircraft to suit your exact needs, an ability that can only come with aircraft ownership. Create a totally unique aircraft that fits your needs perfectly. Moreover, this can be done with a new or pre-owned aircraft.

Dedicated Aircraft Choice

When purchasing a private jet you can choose whichever aircraft you want. If you prefer one model over another, you can purchase the one you want. You choose which aircraft will suit you best. When you purchase it you will then always have your aircraft ready and waiting for you.

Option to Upgrade

Most private jet owners hold on to their aircraft for 3 – 5 years. One of the most common reasons to change aircraft is to upgrade to a larger or new model. Wholly owning an aircraft provides the ability to sell your current aircraft and upgrade to a better or more suitable aircraft. 

Lower Costs with Higher Utilization

Chartering a private jet is a great option for the occasional flyer. However, if you fly a lot you will be paying a premium without holding onto an asset. If you own a private jet, the more you fly, the lower the cost per hour. Regular flying, therefore, can result in a lower cost per hour when owning compared with renting. 

High Availability with No Peak Days

Owning a private jet means that it is just yours. You aren’t competing with other customers trying to get your hands on an aircraft. Therefore, if you make last-minute flying decisions, change plans at the last moment, or fly during peak days (such as major holidays), owning a private jet gives you high availability. Availability that you just can’t get through other flying methods. If you have meetings that you just can’t miss, owning a private jet provides a level of unmatched availability. 

Benefits of Owning a Private Jet

Explore the wealth of benefits that come with purchasing and owning your own private jet. From having full control over its movements to customizing it however you please. From the status of being a private jet owner to ensuring it is always available. Select a benefit from the menu to learn more.

Features In-Depth

Find out how much any private jet is currently worth on the pre-owned market. Simply choose a make, model, and year of manufacture, then get the current market value.

The value for every year of the chosen aircraft is then displayed on a graph to easily visualize the depreciation curve of your chosen aircraft.

You can even fine-tune the results even further by entering the number of airframe hours of the aircraft. You can then instantly see how this will impact the value of the aircraft.

This tool is ideal when you are looking to make a purchase decision to see which aircraft make the best investments and will retain the most value.

Value Curve

Discover the current market value of any private jet. Simply choose the make, model, and year of production. Then, visualize these figures on a graph, plotting the depreciation curve.

Fine Tune Results

Customize the results by entering the number of airframe hours of the aircraft. See how this affects the market value of the aircraft.

Single Depreciation Figure

All aircraft come with a single percentage depreciation figure. This makes it really easy to compare the rate of depreciation between aircraft, and even to estimate the future aircraft value over the next 5 years.

Find the perfect aircraft for your next acquisition or mission by using our powerful aircraft search tool. With over 13 different variables to filter by, such as range, cruise speed, fuel burn, and more, you can be sure you will find the best aircraft for your needs.

All data points are clearly displayed so you can compare aircraft head-to-head.

This powerful search and filter tool is perfect for those looking for their next aircraft acquisition or a suitable aircraft for your next mission.

Search Over 140 Jets

Search through over 140 different private jets and turboprop aircraft. From the latest Challenger 3500 to aircraft from the 1980s. These are the aircraft that matter.

Powerful Filters

Fine-tune the results to find your perfect jet. Filter by any of more than 13 variables. Narrow results down based on speed, range, passenger capacity, and much more.

Compare Aircraft

Compare up to three aircraft at one time, putting all variables head-to-head. You can then see which aircraft have the features you require, along with which one is best for you.

Quickly and easily find the perfect jet for your next mission. Instead of entering specific performance data into the Aircraft Search feature, simply enter a few details into the automatic selector.

This tool makes it extremely easy to find a jet that can keep up with your lifestyle and takes advanced information into account.

Enter all the missions that you expect to fly in the next year, with data such as your point of origin, destination, number of passengers, and times flown per year. Add as many missions as you fly in a year.

You can fine-tune results by entering your maximum acquisition budget and your maximum annual operating budget.

Hit “Find My Aircraft” and receive all the suitable aircraft for your mission, along with your total estimated annual hours flown per year. The tool takes into account factors such as the runway length at your desired airports, the minimum range required, and passenger capacity.

All the aircraft display crucial performance data, such as cruise speed, range, and passenger capacity. You can also see the average acquisition price for each aircraft, along with the percentage depreciation figure. Additionally, the tool calculates the estimated annual operating cost for each aircraft based on your mission criteria.

All the data can be sorted by the factors that are most important to you. Moreover, all the aircraft data is laid out in an easy-to-read table, enabling you to directly compare all the suitable aircraft.

Simple Inputs

Using the Aircraft Selector tool requires simple information in order to make it as easy to use as possible. The only information you need to enter is the origin airport, destination airport, number of passengers, and number of times flown per year. The tool will then quickly return your annual flight hours, along with the most suitable aircraft.

Advanced Calculations

The Aircraft Selector tool takes many factors into account in order to find you the perfect aircraft. One of the most powerful calculations being the runway length at every airport you have entered, and ensuring that the returned aircraft are capable of operating from each and every airport on your list.

Compare Suitable Aircraft

The Aircraft Selector tool is able to search through a database of over 140 private jets. The suitable outputted aircraft are all presented in an easy-to-read table, ensuring that you can directly compare aircraft on factors such as performance, acquisition costs, and operating costs. Moreover, you can sort all the data based on the variables that are most important to you.

Locate the perfect airport near your origin and destination with this comprehensive airport map. Simply enter a location and see the nearest airports that can support a private jet.

Filter by runway length, runway surface, and FBO availability. Additionally, simply enter your desired aircraft and see which airports are able to support it.

This tool is perfect when trying to determine which aircraft can actually be used for your mission profile.

Over 8,000 Global Airports

Browse over 8,000 airports from all over the world. Simply input your chosen city and see the location of all nearby airports on a map.

Runways & FBOs

Discover the runway length of every airport, along with the FBO facilities. Additionally, select any business jet and see which airports can support it.

Perfect Planning

Whether you are planning the routes for aircraft or you are considering which airport to store your aircraft at, this tool will help you plan better.

Build your understanding of the world of private jets with a set of three guides. Discover the difference between whole aircraft ownership, fractional ownership, and leased ownership, along with how to choose the right option for your needs.

Then discover the different aircraft manufacturers in the world of private jets, along with brief company overviews, aircraft manufacturing timelines, and a list of the current models. 

Finally, read up on the different categories of private jets – Very Light Jets, Light Jets, Medium Jets, and Large Jets. Browse the current models, discover what each category of jet is capable of, along with average acquisition and ownership costs.

Ownership Options

Learn about the differences between whole ownership, fractional ownership, and leased ownership with this comprehensive guide. Compare the benefits and drawbacks of each method of ownership, and read through the checklist on how to decide which ownership option suits your needs best.

Manufacturer Guide

Get a quick overview of the different aircraft manufacturers. Discover their current models, a company overview, and the previous models of aircraft.

Model Guide

Find the right category of aircraft for your needs with the model guide. This informative guide will tell you about the mission capabilities of each category of aircraft, average acquisition costs, and estimated annual ownership costs.

Discover the true cost of owning a private jet. From your annual fixed costs to the variable costs dependant on the number of hours flown.

Simply choose a private jet, enter the expected number of annual hours flown, and receive an estimated annual cost to operate the aircraft.

This is perfect for owners and operators who are looking to accurately budget their private jet ownership experience.

Moreover, not all private jets are created equal. Therefore, it is important to identify the aircraft that suits your budget.

The Cost of Ownership

Find out the true cost of ownership of any private jet. Taking into account both fixed and variable costs, you will be able to better gauge the annual expenses.

Personalized Pricing

Get figures that are specific to your use and needs. Simply enter the expected number of annual hours flown, along with your chosen aircraft.

Over 140 Private Jets

Find out how much it costs to operate any of over 140 private jets. Whether you are considering a turboprop, light jet or the latest flagship aircraft, it's all here.

Instantly access a wealth of performance data for over 140 private aircraft. From maximum range to hourly fuel burn figures.

Easily compare data between aircraft in order to understand which aircraft has the performance and efficiency to suit your needs best.

Over 140 Private Jets

Choose from over 140 different private jets and get comprehensive performance data. Aircraft range from the latest long-range jets to aircraft over half a century old.

Over 20 Data Points

Performance data for each aircraft is broken down into the following sections.

  • Performance
    • Maximum Range
    • Maximum Cruise Speed
    • Maximum Altitude
    • Minimum Take-Off Distance
    • Minimum Landing Distance
  • Powerplant
    • Engine Manufacturer
    • Engine Model
    • Total Thrust
    • Fuel Burn
  • Weights
    • Baggage Capacity
    • Baggage Weight
    • Maximum Take-Off Weight
  • Dimensions
    • Exterior Length
    • Exterior Width
    • Exterior Height
    • Interior Length
    • Interior Width
    • Interior Height
  • Comfort
    • Maximum Passengers
    • Cabin Noise Level
    • Maximum Cabin Altitude
  • Fleet Overview
    • Total Aircraft Produced
    • Whole Ownership
    • Leased Ownership
    • Shared Ownership
    • Fractional Ownership
    • Retired Aircraft
    • Aircraft in Operation


Please note - while every effort is made to provide complete data for each and every aircraft, this is not possible. Therefore, some aircraft may be missing some of these data points.

Metric or Imperial

All data is available in either metric or imperial units, all at the flick of a switch. Therefore, you can easily switch between the units that you are most comfortable with.

Discover how far any private jet can fly using this interactive range map. Simply enter a start point anywhere in the world then select your aircraft. Choose up to three aircraft to compare on the map at any one time.

Use this tool to easily and visually compare your chosen aircraft. Perfect if you are looking for a new aircraft acquisition and want to visually compare the range performance of different aircraft.

Over 140 Private Jets

Choose from over 140 different private jets and see how far they can fly. Aircraft range from the latest long-range jets to aircraft over half a century old.

Any Location

Set your starting point to anywhere in the world. From major international hubs to small, regional airports - just type in your start point and see how far you can fly.

Compare Aircraft Range

Choose up to three aircraft at any time to see how they differ. See the range difference between aircraft from the same class or manufacturer.

Service Benefits

Save Time

No need to consult dozens of different sources doing the research yourself. All the ownership information you need is just a few clicks away.

Save Money

Discover which aircraft will hold their value best, which ones are less expensive to run, and the best ownership option for your multi-million dollar asset.

Ease of Use

Instantly access large quantities of information all in one place, with all of it simply laid out and easy to use. Providing an easy way to find your ideal jet.

How Will This Help You When Purchasing a Jet?

Man sitting looking out window of Dassault Falcon 6X

Make Better Decisions, Faster

Important ownership information for over 140 private jets is all in one place, right at your fingertips. This allows you to find the right jet quickly.

The Importance of the Right Jet

If you are purchasing a jet you need one that can fly your required missions, fits into your budget, and meets your demands, otherwise the asset will become a liability. 

Dassault Falcon 10X Cockpit

Important Information 

Knowing the performance capabilities of aircraft, acquisition costs, and operating costs are important when selecting the right jet, making sure the aircraft can keep up with you.

Man taking off face mask on private jet

Avoid Costly Mistakes

When dealing with multi-million dollar assets, choosing the wrong one can be costly. The more information you have, the better you can avoid a costly mistake.

Start Your Ownership Journey Today

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  • Manufacturer Guide
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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to sign up please select a plan from above. There are two different plans available, all on a rolling annual basis.

Select the plan that suits your needs best and hit “Get Started”. You will then be directed to the sign-up page. Here you will need to create an account and enter your billing information.

You will then be able to explore and use all the tools that are on offer.

We want to ensure that all our customers are 100% satisfied. Therefore, if you have any issues with your purchase please get in touch with our customer support team. They will help resolve the issue for you promptly, courteously, and effectively. 

All plans operate on a yearly rolling basis and are set to auto-renew at the end of your year. However, will be emailed prior to your subscription renewal to remind you about the upcoming payment. You are able to easily cancel your subscription at any time, and this can easily be changed in your account dashboard.

Additionally, canceling your subscription can easily be done from the user dashboard. Alternatively, you can contact our customer care team who will be more than happy to help out.

We accept all major credit cards as well as debit cards. Including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and UnionPay. All payments are securely made via Stripe.

The following aircraft are available in the subscription packages:

  • Beechcraft Premier I
  • Beechcraft Premier IA
  • Bombardier Challenger 300
  • Bombardier Challenger 350
  • Bombardier Challenger 3500
  • Bombardier Challenger 600
  • Bombardier Challenger 601-1A
  • Bombardier Challenger 601-3A
  • Bombardier Challenger 601-3AER
  • Bombardier Challenger 601-3R
  • Bombardier Challenger 604
  • Bombardier Challenger 605
  • Bombardier Challenger 650
  • Bombardier Challenger 850
  • Bombardier Global 5000
  • Bombardier Global 5500
  • Bombardier Global 6000
  • Bombardier Global 6500
  • Bombardier Global 7500
  • Bombardier Global Express
  • Bombardier Global Express XRS
  • Bombardier Learjet 31
  • Bombardier Learjet 31A
  • Bombardier Learjet 31AER
  • Bombardier Learjet 35A
  • Bombardier Learjet 36A
  • Bombardier Learjet 40
  • Bombardier Learjet 40XR
  • Bombardier Learjet 45
  • Bombardier Learjet 45XR
  • Bombardier Learjet 55
  • Bombardier Learjet 55C
  • Bombardier Learjet 60
  • Bombardier Learjet 60XR
  • Bombardier Learjet 70
  • Bombardier Learjet 75
  • Bombardier Learjet 75 Liberty
  • Cessna Citation Bravo
  • Cessna Citation CJ1
  • Cessna Citation CJ1+
  • Cessna Citation CJ2
  • Cessna Citation CJ2+
  • Cessna Citation CJ3
  • Cessna Citation CJ3+
  • Cessna Citation CJ4
  • Cessna Citation Encore
  • Cessna Citation Encore+
  • Cessna Citation Excel
  • Cessna Citation I
  • Cessna Citation II
  • Cessna Citation III
  • Cessna Citation Latitude
  • Cessna Citation Longitude
  • Cessna Citation M2
  • Cessna Citation Mustang
  • Cessna Citation SII
  • Cessna Citation Sovereign
  • Cessna Citation Sovereign+
  • Cessna Citation V
  • Cessna Citation V Ultra
  • Cessna Citation VI
  • Cessna Citation VII
  • Cessna Citation X
  • Cessna Citation X+
  • Cessna Citation XLS
  • Cessna Citation XLS+
  • Cirrus Vision Jet SF50
  • Dassault Falcon 10
  • Dassault Falcon 100
  • Dassault Falcon 200
  • Dassault Falcon 2000
  • Dassault Falcon 2000DX
  • Dassault Falcon 2000EX
  • Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy
  • Dassault Falcon 2000LX
  • Dassault Falcon 2000LXS
  • Dassault Falcon 2000S
  • Dassault Falcon 20F-5BR
  • Dassault Falcon 50
  • Dassault Falcon 50-40
  • Dassault Falcon 50EX
  • Dassault Falcon 6X
  • Dassault Falcon 7X
  • Dassault Falcon 8X
  • Dassault Falcon 10X
  • Dassault Falcon 900
  • Dassault Falcon 900B
  • Dassault Falcon 900C
  • Dassault Falcon 900DX
  • Dassault Falcon 900EX
  • Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy
  • Dassault Falcon 900LX
  • Eclipse 500
  • Eclipse 550
  • Embraer Legacy 450
  • Embraer Legacy 500
  • Embraer Legacy 600
  • Embraer Legacy 650
  • Embraer Legacy 650E
  • Embraer Lineage 1000
  • Embraer Lineage 1000E
  • Embraer Phenom 100
  • Embraer Phenom 100E
  • Embraer Phenom 100EV
  • Embraer Phenom 300
  • Embraer Phenom 300E
  • Embraer Praetor 500
  • Embraer Praetor 600
  • Gulfstream G100
  • Gulfstream G150
  • Gulfstream G200
  • Gulfstream G280
  • Gulfstream G300
  • Gulfstream G350
  • Gulfstream G400
  • Gulfstream G400 (2025 Model)
  • Gulfstream G450
  • Gulfstream G500
  • Gulfstream G550
  • Gulfstream G600
  • Gulfstream G650
  • Gulfstream G650ER
  • Gulfstream G700
  • Gulfstream G800
  • Gulfstream GII
  • Gulfstream GIII
  • Gulfstream GIV
  • Gulfstream GIVSP
  • Gulfstream GV
  • Hawker 1000
  • Hawker 4000
  • Hawker 400XP
  • Hawker 700
  • Hawker 750
  • Hawker 800A
  • Hawker 800SP
  • Hawker 800XP
  • Hawker 800XPi
  • Hawker 850XP
  • HondaJet Elite S
  • HondaJet HA-420
  • IAI Westwind 1
  • IAI Westwind 2
  • Mitsubishi Diamond 1A
  • Nextant 400XT
  • Nextant 400XTi
  • Nextant 604XT
  • Pilatus PC-24

Got more questions? If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch.