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Core Features

Aircraft Data

0 + Private Jets

Get extensive data for over 140 private jets. From current market value, depreciation rates, ownership costs, and over 20 data points.

Global Airport Map

0 + Airports

Browse over 8,000 airports, complete with runway length & surface. Search airports by city and filter by which aircraft they can support.

Daily Flight Statistics

0 + Daily Flights

Track the world’s business jet activity with this daily flight tracker. Compare trends year on year, week on week, and day by day.

Benefits of the Tools

Discover how our powerful suite of business aviation tools can benefit you. The tools are perfect for owners, future owners, operators, brokers, investors, analysts, and more. Try all tools now with a 24-hour free trial to see how they can benefit you.

Aircraft Search

Find suitable aircraft to acquire based on your personal criteria. Narrow over 140 private jets down to the few that suit your mission requirements with these powerful filters.

Aircraft Value

Discover which aircraft hold their value better than others, along with which aircraft are a better investment and will hold your money better with historical values.

Airport Map

Find the airports that can support your desired aircraft, along with how far they are from your final destination. Perfect for evaluating which aircraft will fit your mission profile.

Daily Flight Tracker

All the flight statistics you need to know about the business aviation market. From daily flights to growth statistics. Perfect for investors and creating reports about the industry.

Ownership Budget Calculator

Learn how much you can expect to pay when owning and operating an aircraft. Ideal for future owners and operators looking for their next acquisition.

Interactive Range Map

The perfect way to find and visualize the range performance of any private jet. Perfect for finding the right aircraft for your next mission or acquisition.

Powerful Tools to Make Informed Decisions

With access to these powerful tools, you can be sure that you will be making the best decisions.

Powerful Tools that Keep You Informed

With access to six tools and two databases, you can be sure that you will be making to best decisions.

Features In Depth

  • Aircraft Value
  • Airport Map
  • Budget Calculator
  • Daily Tracker
  • Range Map

Find the perfect aircraft for your next acquisition or mission by using our powerful aircraft search tool. With over 13 different variables to filter by, such as range, cruise speed, fuel burn, and more, you can be sure you will find the best aircraft for your needs.

All data points are clearly displayed so you can compare aircraft head-to-head.

This powerful search and filter tool is perfect for those looking for their next aircraft acquisition or a suitable aircraft for your next mission.

Search through over 140 different private jets and turboprop aircraft. From the latest Challenger 3500 to aircraft from the 1980s. These are the aircraft that matter.

Fine-tune the results to find your perfect jet. Filter by any of more than 20 variables. Narrow results down based on speed, range, passenger capacity, and much more.

Compare up to three aircraft at one time, putting all variables head-to-head. You can then see which aircraft have the features you require, along with which one is best for you.

Find out how much any private jet is currently worth on the pre-owned market. Simply choose a make, model, and year of manufacture, then get the current market value.

The value for every year of the chosen aircraft is then displayed on a graph to easily visualize the depreciation curve of your chosen aircraft.

You can even fine-tune the results even further by entering the number of airframe hours of the aircraft. You can then instantly see how this will impact the value of the aircraft.

This tool is ideal when you are looking to make a purchase decision to see which aircraft make the best investments and will retain the most value.

Discover the current market value of any private jet. Simply choose the make, model, and year of production. Then, visualize these figures on a graph, plotting the depreciation curve.

Customize the results by entering the number of airframe hours of the aircraft. See how this affects the market value of the aircraft.

Market value figures are updated quarterly based on the latest sale figures of aircraft. Therefore reflecting the current market.

Locate the perfect airport near your origin and destination with this comprehensive airport map. Simply enter a location and see the nearest airports that can support a private jet.

Filter by runway length, runway surface, and FBO availability. Additionally, simply enter your desired aircraft and see which airports are able to support it.

This tool is perfect when trying to determine which aircraft can actually be used for your mission profile.

Browse over 8,000 airports from all over the world. Simply input your chosen city and see the location of all nearby airports on a map.

Discover the runway length of every airport, along with the FBO facilities. Additionally, select any business jet and see which airports can support it.

Whether you are planning the routes for aircraft or you are considering which airport to store your aircraft at, this tool will help you plan better.

Discover the true cost of owning a private jet. From your annual fixed costs to the variable costs dependant on the number of hours flown.

Simply choose a private jet, enter the expected number of annual hours flown, and receive an estimated annual cost to operate the aircraft.

This is perfect for owners and operators who are looking to accurately budget their private jet ownership experience.

Moreover, not all private jets are created equal. Therefore, it is important to identify the aircraft that suits your budget.

Find out the true cost of ownership of any private jet. Taking into account both fixed and variable costs, you will be able to better gauge the annual expenses.

Get figures that are specific to your use and needs. Simply enter the expected number of annual hours flown, along with your chosen aircraft.

Find out how much it costs to operate any of over 140 private jets. Whether you are considering a turboprop, light jet or the latest flagship aircraft, it's all here.

Get the latest statistics of all business jet flights from around the world. All data is organized within the Daily Tracker dashboard. All data is accurately collected from 14 different sources with worldwide coverage.

Flights are broken down by region, manufacturer, operators, and more. Additionally, filter data by date range and visualize all data on beautiful graphs. 

Perfect for seeing how the industry is progressing, how performance compares year over year, week over week, and day over day. This tool is perfect to stay up to date with the industry. 

Get the latest data about all business aviation flights operated globally. Browse all the data in our powerful dashboard, with high-level summary features.

Filter through all the data by region, aircraft type, aircraft make, model, popular airports and charter operator.

See trends over time ranging from day to day, week-on-week, and year-on-year. This data is updated daily providing you with the latest information.

Worldwide flight data is collected using the following data sources:

  1. ADS-B (Satellite-based)
  2. ADS-B (Ground-based)
  4. Eurocontrol
  5. MLAT
  6. ADS-C
  7. HFDL
  8. CPDLC
  9. FLIFO
  10. ASDE-X
  11. FLARM
  12. Australia ANSP
  13. Oceanic
  14. Merged

Discover how far any private jet can fly using this interactive range map. Simply enter a start point anywhere in the world then select your aircraft. Choose up to three aircraft to compare on the map at any one time.

Use this tool to easily and visually compare your chosen aircraft. Perfect if you are looking for a new aircraft acquisition and want to visually compare the range performance of different aircraft.

Choose from over 140 different private jets and see how far they can fly. Aircraft range from the latest long-range jets to aircraft over half a century old.

Set your starting point to anywhere in the world. From major international hubs to small, regional airports - just type in your start point and see how far you can fly.

Choose up to three aircraft at any time to see how they differ. See the range difference between aircraft from the same class or manufacturer.

Powerful tools to better understand the business aviation market.

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Dassault Falcon 10X Cockpit

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Plane Spotter

  • Aircraft Search
  • Aircraft Value
  • Budget Calculator
  • Range Map
  • Airport Map (Global)
  • Daily Tracker


  • Aircraft Search
  • Aircraft Value
  • Budget Calculator
  • Range Map
  • Airport Map (Global)
  • Daily Tracker

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