Private Jet Airport Heatmap

Discover which airports from around the world are the most popular with private jets. Filter based on the airport name, location, class of jet, make, model, and date range.

View the interactive heat map to get a quick understanding of where the most popular airports are for your specific filters. Additionally, view the movements graph just below for month-by-month movement statistics. Then delve further into the data by viewing the table that ranks the most popular airports to the least popular, along with the most popular aircraft for each airport.

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Airport Name
Jet Class

Total Movements

Movements This Year 0
Movements Last Month 0


Annual Movements

Most Popular Airports

Scroll the table to view all the data and results.

Private Jet Airport Heatmap

Discover the most popular private jet airports in the world and visualize this data on a world map.

This data can be filtered based on the location, aircraft type, make, model, and adjusted based on date.

The bigger the circle, the busier the airport. Additionally, the redder the circle, the busier the airport. This is a great way to quickly see which regions are the most popular.

Additionally, you can get specific movement data for each airport based on your filters and see how this data trends over time (since 2019). You can view the data for individual months.

How It Works

Data is collected from a variety of sources, including Ground-based ADS-B, Satellite-based ADS-B, EUROCONTROL, FAA SWIM, and more. This variety of sources allows for increased reliability, accuracy, and redundancy of data.

This data is then processed and updated on a regular basis, and displayed in the visual forms above.

You can then manipulate the data to narrow it down based on location, aircraft type, make, model, and date. This then live updates the map, graph, and popular aircraft table.