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Everything You Need to Find the Right Jet

Access an online platform that puts technical data, operating costs, and acquisition costs for over 140 jets all in one place, helping private jet buyers and professionals effortlessly find the right jet.


Finding the Right Jet Is Hard and Time Consuming

Avoid spending hours researching data for a particular aircraft. Instead, access a platform that has technical data, ownership costs, and acquisition costs all in one place.

How Much Time Is Spent Collecting Data?

How many hours are you spending looking for performance and cost data about different aircraft? Don’t waste time any more, just login to one dashboard.

How Many Sources Do You Need to Visit?

Avoid having to go to multiple data sources with conflicting information and verify each source. Access technical data, ownership and acquisition costs in one place.

How It Works

Find the right aircraft for you through the AI Jet Finder or manual aircraft search. Simply enter your criteria to discover a wealth of data for over 140 private jets easily.

Input Your Requirements and Preferences

Get Your Personalized Matches

Investigate Each Jet

Simplify the Search for Your Next Jet

Discover a wealth of data in one single platform, with all the data for over 140 private jet models

Results Personalized to You

Receive aircraft that are tailored exactly to you, with each aircraft having a percentage score of how well it matches your requirements.

Complete Ownership Costs

Get complete ownership costs for each aircraft personalized to your annual usage, along with the depreciation rate for your ownership period.

All the Data in One Place

Access powerful data all in one easy to use location – from technical data to aircraft features, ownership costs to acquisition costs.

Features In-Depth

Discover everything that is available in this single platform

The Easy Way to Find Jets that Match Your Needs

Quick Answers from the AI Assistant

This makes it easy to quickly find out basic stats of the aircraft or more complex questions such as asking it to calculate costs for you and time to fly certain missions.

Acquisition Data for Over 1,000 Model Years of Aircraft

Discover the estimated market value for each model year of each aircraft, all beautifully displayed on an interactive graph.

Adjust the values based off the model year, airframe hours, and the estimated value in the future.

Directly Compare Up to 3 Aircraft at Once

Select up to 3 aircraft to compare side-by-side to narrow down your shortlist of aircraft.

Quickly make identify the differences in performance specifications, operating costs, and acquisition costs.

Annual Operating Costs Tailored to You

Easily get the cost to operate each private jet based off your inputted missions in the AI Jet Finder. Alternatively, enter the annual flight hours to quickly get a total cost for the year.

Discover where the total values come from with all the costs easily broken down by each variable and is fully adjustable to your specific values.

In-Depth Performance Data for Each Aircraft

From data such as the long-range cruise speed and maximum altitude to climb rates and exterior noise levels, all the data is easily visible in one place.

Visualize Aircraft Range Easily

Just enter the start location and see how far a specific aircraft can fly. You can then input the number of passengers on board to see how the range is impacted by the extra weight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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*AI Insights – Each user is limited to 20 AI questions per day for the duration of the subscription. Please also note that the AI Insights feature is in beta mode and is at risk of incorrect data.