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Cessna Citation CJ3+

2014 – Present

Key Facts

  • The Cessna Citation CJ3+ has adjustable club seats which come standard with an executive table.
  • The quiet cabin of the Cessna CJ3 Plus creates a peaceful, productive environment, with natural light supplied by 14 large windows.
  • Stay connected with an integrated cockpit and optional wireless media server, cabin iridium phone, and high-speed internet capabilities.
  • Williams International engines deliver reliable, efficient maintenance and lower direct operating costs.
  • The landing gear’s trailing-link design provides rugged comfort and makes for soft landings and smooth taxiing.
  • Garmin™ G3000™ touch-screen avionics provide intuitive operation for the single pilot.

Overview & History

As is common among Cessna’s lineup, the Cessna Citation CJ3+ is the latest development of a long family of aircraft.

The CJ3+ can trace its roots back to the original Cessna CitationJet which was launched in October 1989.

The original Model 525 first took to the skies in 1991. Deliveries began two years later. Since the early 1990s Cessna has been constantly evolving the CitationJet.

Firstly, Cessna updated the CitationJet to the CJ1/M2 variants. The M2 variant is the current VLJ that Cessna produce.

Cessna Citation CJ3+ Performance

Powered by two rear mounted Williams Intl. FJ44-3A engines, capable of producing 2,820 lbs of thrust each.

Consequently, the CJ3+ is capable of cruising at 416 knots at a maximum altitude of 45,000 feet.

When set up for optimal range, the CJ3+ can fly without refueling for up to 2,040 Nautical Miles (2,347 Miles / 3,778 KM)

Furthermore, the Cessna Citation CJ3+ can take off in just 3,180 feet and land with a minimum runway distance of 2,720 feet.

Cessna have built the CJ3+ with a Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) of 13,870 feet.

Cessna Citation CJ3+ Interior

Inside Cessna has made the most of the interior of the light jet. The interior measures 15 feet 8 inches (4.78 meters) in length, 4 feet 10 inches (1.47 meters) wide and a height of 4 feet 9 inches (1.45 meters).

Within this space Cessna have been able to get nine seats and a baggage capacity of 1,000 lbs (453.5 KG).

Fourteen windows provide a reasonable amount of natural light within the cabin. When flying at night the interior is illuminated by low-power, energy-efficient LED lighting.

The cabin is quiet for the light jet class and the cabin altitude goes to a maximum of 8,000 feet.

However, while a cabin altitude of 8,000 feet is not impressive compared with many larger aircraft, for a light jet flying short missions this cabin altitude is acceptable.

Additionally, the CJ3+ features a belted flushing toilet as standard.

The CJ3+ remains connected to the world below with wireless cabin technology designed especially for the Citation lineup.

Optional in-flight WiFi, moving maps, flight information and cockpit audio are all integrated with your own personal device. This allows for “uninterrupted productivity and entertainment”.

An optional satcom phone is also available.

Upfront the aircraft features a refreshment center to keep you well fed during the mission. This can be replaced by a side-facing seat to maximize passenger capacity.

The four front seats are arranged in a club configuration with access to an executive table.

Combine all the factors and you get, as Cessna says, “a peaceful, productive environment”.

Cessna also say that the Citation CJ3+ “offers the ultimate cabin for light-jet travel”.


The CJ3+ is fitted with the Garmin G3000 avionics suite. This allows crew to spend less time managing the flight deck and more time enjoying the flight.

The cockpit features more space for crew in the ergonomic cockpit.

Crews will remain comfortable – no matter how long the mission – increasing crew efficiency and productivity.

All information is intuitively organized and just a tap away.

The fully digital dual-channel Garmin GFC 700 flight control system brings more than just autopilot.

But also ensures redundancy and reliability while optimizing performance across the airspeed envelope.

Cessna Citation CJ3+ Charter Cost

The estimated hourly charter price for a Cessna Citation CJ3+ comes in at $2,750.

Naturally, prices will vary depending on availability, fuel prices, ground fees and more.

Purchase Price

The list price for the CJ3+ is just over $8 million.

Pre-owned examples typically cost between $5.5 million and $7 million.

Typically approximately 3% of in service aircraft are for sale on the pre-owned market.






Range: 2,040 nm Number of Passengers: 9 Baggage Capacity: 65 Cubic Feet
Cruise Speed: 416 knots Cabin Pressure: 8.9 PSI Max Take-Off Weight: 13,870 lbs
Ceiling: 45,000 feet Cabin Altitude: 8,000 feet Max Landing Weight: 12,750 lbs
Take-Off Distance: 3,180 feet Production Start: 2014
Landing Distance: 2,720 feet Production End: Present




Exterior Length: 51.1 feet Engine Manufacturer: Williams International
Exterior Height: 15.2 feet Engine Model: FJ44-3A
Wingspan: 53.3 feet Fuel Burn: 150 Gallons per Hour
Interior Length: 15.7 feet
Interior Width: 4.8 feet
Interior Height: 4.8 feet
Interior/Exterior Ratio: 31%


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