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Beechcraft Premier IA

2006 – 2012

Key Facts

  • The Beechcraft Premier IA is a light business jet aircraft produced by the Beechcraft division of Hawker Beechcraft produced between 2006 and 2012.
  • The Beechcraft Premier IA is powered by two Williams International FJ44-2A engines, resulting in an hourly fuel burn of 138 Gallons per Hour.
  • Capable of cruising at up to 454 knots, the Beechcraft Premier IA can fly non-stop for up to 1480 nautical miles.
  • The aircraft can carry up to 6 passengers.
  • The Beechcraft Premier IA has an estimated hourly charter price of $3,500 to $4,000, with a new list price of $7.1 million at the time of manufacture.

Overview & History

The Beechcraft Premier IA, a notable figure in the realm of business jets, carries two distinguished legacies – that of Raytheon and Hawker.

Its certification arrived four years subsequent to its predecessor, the Premier 1, marking it as the largest single-pilot business jet in the world at the time.

Despite its roots, the Premier IA showcased significant enhancements over the Premier 1.

With upgraded avionics and brakes, along with a reimagined cabin, the Premier IA was a clear demonstration of progress and innovation.

In May 2005, Raytheon announced the Premier IA, an advanced version of its predecessor, which swiftly achieved certification in October of the same year, further solidifying the groundbreaking reputation of the Beechcraft Premier IA.

Beechcraft Premier IA Performance

The Beechcraft Premier IA showcases an impressive performance profile, largely attributed to its powerplant – two robust Williams/Rolls-Royce FJ44-2A engines.

Each of these engines renders an outstanding thrust of 2,300 pounds on takeoff, setting in motion the aircraft’s notable capabilities.

Controlled by an electronic control unit that is synchronized to a hydro-mechanical fuel control system mounted directly on the engine, these powerhouses ensure reliable operation and superior performance.

The Premier IA demonstrates a commendable efficiency, with a major inspection interval set at 3,500 hours, underlining its operational robustness.

A standout feature of this aircraft is its ability to take off within a distance of merely 3,792 feet and ascend to 37,000 feet in a mere seventeen minutes when loaded to its maximum takeoff capacity of 12,500 pounds.

Boasting cruise speeds that can touch 451 knots (.80 Mach), the Premier IA is a swift traveller. It possesses an impressive range, capable of covering 1,380 nautical miles without a refuel stop.

A distinctive design element that elevates its performance is the unique wing structure that minimizes drag, boosting cruise speed and high altitude capabilities.

Despite an enlargement of the wing to accommodate an additional 250 pounds of fuel than initially planned, the Beechcraft Premier IA maintains a short enough takeoff distance to operate from smaller airports.

This key aspect enhances its versatility, making it a preferred choice for business travel that demands flexibility.

Beechcraft Premier IA Interior

The Beechcraft Premier IA stands out with a spacious interior, one of the most generous for a private jet of its class.

The cabin, with its 315 cubic-foot volume, comfortably accommodates six or seven passengers. The dimensions of the cabin are as follows: a length of 13.5 feet, a height of 5.4 feet, and a width of 5.5 feet.

A prominent feature of the cabin design is the contoured headroom, offering maximum comfort for passengers.

The Premier IA’s interior is thoughtfully designed for passenger convenience and comfort. The aircraft features fold-out tables on both sides, providing a versatile workspace or dining area.

The cabin is fitted with LED lighting, adding to the overall pleasant ambiance. The seats, besides being extra-wide, are contoured and fully reclinable, ensuring a comfortable journey.

The Beechcraft Premier IA doesn’t compromise on entertainment systems and personalization options.

Passengers can choose from an array of cabin entertainment systems and upgrades to the interior trim and finish for a truly bespoke travel experience.

For passenger convenience, the aircraft offers a significant baggage capacity of 77 cubic feet, divided between internal and external compartments.

This sizeable space allows passengers to store their luggage securely without compromising on their comfort and mobility within the cabin.

A digital system automatically regulates the cabin pressurization, with engine bleed air employed for this purpose. The aircraft utilizes a two-zone cabin environmental system that uses bleed air for heating and one of two separate generators for cooling.

This cabin pressure can be controlled manually, or it can be automated. The system is rated to a maximum of 8.4 psi, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment throughout the flight.


The cockpit of the Beechcraft Premier IA is equipped with modern avionics, showcasing the Rockwell Collins IFIS-5000 Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS) and the Pro Line 21 Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) suite as standard installations.

This advanced IFIS provides dual graphical multi-function displays, electronic charts, and enhanced map overlays.

In addition, it offers optional 3D flight management system mapping, paving the way for a paperless cockpit environment and real-time graphical weather updates for the pilots.

Distinguishing the upgraded Premier IA model is the inclusion of three LCD displays, as opposed to the usual two, offering a larger, clearer interface for flight data.

Safety is a paramount consideration in the Premier IA, with its innovative cockpit design and advanced avionics contributing greatly to ensuring a secure and comfortable flight experience.

One of the key safety features is the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), which serves to alert pilots of the presence of other aircraft that could pose a collision risk.

Additionally, the aircraft is equipped with an Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) that warns the pilot of any imminent terrain collision, allowing for timely evasive action.

Beechcraft Premier IA Charter Cost

The cost to charter this high-performance private jet is estimated to range from $3,500 to $4,000 per flight hour.

While this might seem substantial, it’s important to consider the value and convenience this affords, such as the flexibility of setting one’s own schedule, avoiding crowded commercial flights, and enjoying top-tier comfort and privacy.

This makes the Premier IA an ideal choice for business travelers and private flyers who value their time and comfort. These costs can vary based on a multitude of factors including flight distance, duration, and the specific requirements of the passengers.

Purchase Price

When considering to purchase a pre-owned Beechcraft Premier IA, one should anticipate an approximate cost of $2.5 million.

It’s equally important to consider the associated annual ownership costs.

For a typical usage scenario of 200 hours per year in North America, the estimated annual operating costs would be around $843,342.

This includes expenses such as fuel, maintenance, insurance, and crew salaries. While this might initially seem high, it’s an investment into the unparalleled convenience, flexibility, and luxury that owning a Beechcraft Premier IA provides.

Such costs are the norm within the realm of private jet ownership, and the Beechcraft Premier IA justifies this with its reliable performance and high-caliber amenities.






Range: 1,480 nm Number of Passengers: 6 Baggage Capacity: 78 Cubic Feet
Cruise Speed: 451 knots Cabin Pressure: 8.4 PSI Max Take-Off Weight: 12,500 lbs
Ceiling: 41,000 feet Cabin Altitude: 8,000 feet Max Landing Weight: 11,600 lbs
Take-Off Distance: 3,792 feet Production Start: 2006
Landing Distance: 2,977 feet Production End: 2012




Exterior Length: 46 feet Engine Manufacturer: Williams International
Exterior Height: 15.7 feet Engine Model: FJ44-2A
Wingspan: 44.5 feet Fuel Burn: 138 Gallons per Hour
Interior Length: 13.6 feet
Interior Width: 5.5 feet
Interior Height: 5.4 feet
Interior/Exterior Ratio: 30%


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