Williams International Private Jet Engines

Williams International is the world leader in the development, manufacture and support of small gas turbine engines.

The privately owned company operates R&D (research and development ) and R&O (repair and overhaul) out of their headquarters in Pontiac, Michigan.

As can be seen from the table below, Williams International engines are a popular option among smaller jet aircraft.

Jet Engine being Maintained in Hangar - Williams International engines

Founded in 1955, Williams has expanded its development, test, production, and product support capabilities to create a large, versatile organization with the capacity to meet growth objectives in aviation, industrial and military markets.

As a privately owned endeavor, the vision stays focused, communication is straightforward, decisions are made quickly, and efforts are concentrated efficiently.

The following Williams International engines are those that power private jets – both past and present.

Engine ModelAircraft
FJ33-4A-19Cirrus Vision Jet SF50
FJ44-1APCessna Citation CJ1
FJ44-1APCessna Citation CJ1+
FJ44-1AP-21Cessna Citation M2
FJ44-2ABeechcraft Premier I
FJ44-2ABeechcraft Premier IA
FJ44-2CCessna Citation CJ2
FJ44-3ACessna Citation CJ3
FJ44-3ACessna Citation CJ3+
FJ44-3A-24Cessna Citation CJ2+
FJ44-3APNextant 400XT
FJ44-3APNextant 400XTi
FJ44-4ACessna Citation CJ4
FJ44-4APilatus PC-24
Williams International Engines that Power Private Jets

Williams International’s high-performance, high-power engines are reliable, time-tested, require less maintenance due to a simple, rugged design, operate in the harshest environments, and are fuel-efficient.

The engines that are currently bolted to these private jets date as far back as the year 2000 with the FJ44-1AP engines powering the Cessna Citation CJ1.

Since then, Williams International have been continuously developing their engines, making them lighter and more fuel-efficient.

Williams International primarily focuses on smaller engine applications. For example, VLJs such as the Cirrus Vision Jet and Cessna Citation M2. However, aircraft as large as the medium-sized Pilatus PC-24 is powered by Williams International engines.

According to Williams, “FJ33/FJ44 engines are backed by the best customer service in the industry – over the past 21 years Williams customer service has outscored all competitors in surveys of owner-operators, scoring 5% higher than the closest competitor. Williams’ engine maintenance plan – called Total Assurance Program (TAP Blue) – offers coverage no competitors can match – even including repair of foreign object damage (FOD) and incorporation of all service bulletins.”