Pratt & Whitney Canada Private Jet Engines

Pratt & Whitney Canada is a global aerospace leader headquartered in Longueuil, Quebec. They are shaping the future of business, general, and regional aviation, as well as helicopters and APUs.

Pratt & Whitney Canada manufacturer jet engines for business aircraft, along with supplying engines for commercial aircraft. Furthermore, Pratt & Whitney Canada develop and manufacture piston and turboprop engines for general aviation activities.

Jet Engine being Maintained in Hangar - Pratt & Whitney Canada engines

Pratt & Whitney Canada currently produce four classes of engines.

The PW800 engine powers the next generation of business aircraft. It is thoughtfully designed with people, performance, and customer service at heart and is backed by white-glove service with one of the most extensive coverage programs ever offered.

The PW600 engine family is the preferred engine family for a new generation of light jets in the 900 to 3,000 pound thrust class. It is compact, fuel-efficient, clean, and delivers excellent operating economics. 

The PW500 engine family is the clean and clear leader in the highly demanding fractional ownership business jet market, powering light to mid-size business jets in the 2,900 to 4,500 pound thrust class. Its low fuel consumption ensures attractive operating economics and environmental friendliness.

The PW300 engine family powers an impressive line of mid-size business jets and is recognized in the 4,700 to 8,000-lb thrust class for its low fuel consumption, economical operation and environmental friendliness.

The following Pratt & Whitney Canada engines are those that power private jets – both past and present.

Engine ModelAircraft
JT15D-1BCessna Citation I
JT15D-4BCessna Citation SII
JT15D-4BCessna Citation II
JT15D-4DMitsubishi Diamond 1A
JT15D-5ACessna Citation V
JT15D-5DCessna Citation V Ultra
JT15D-5RHawker 400XP
PT6A-52*Beechcraft King Air 260
PT6A-6OA*Beechcraft King Air 360
PT6E-67XP*Pilatus PC-12 NGX
PW305Hawker 1000
PW305ABombardier Learjet 60
PW306AGulfstream G200
PW306CCessna Citation Sovereign
PW306DCessna Citation Sovereign+
PW306D1Cessna Citation Latitude
PW306D1Cessna Citation Longitude
PW307ADassault Falcon 7X
PW307DDassault Falcon 8X
PW308AHawker 4000
PW308CDassault Falcon 2000EX EASy
PW308CDassault Falcon 2000LXS
PW308CDassault Falcon 2000S
PW308CDassault Falcon 2000LX
PW308CDassault Falcon 2000DX
PW308CDassault Falcon 2000EX
PW530ACessna Citation Bravo
PW535ACessna Citation Encore
PW535BCessna Citation Encore+
PW535EEmbraer Phenom 300E
PW535E1Embraer Phenom 300
PW545ACessna Citation XLS+
PW545ACessna Citation Excel
PW545BCessna Citation XLS
PW610FEclipse 550
PW610FEclipse 500
PW615FCessna Citation Mustang
PW617F-EEmbraer Phenom 100E
PW617F-EEmbraer Phenom 100
PW617F1-EEmbraer Phenom 100EV
PW812DDassault Falcon 6X
PW814GAGulfstream G500
PW815GAGulfstream G600
PWC305ABombardier Learjet 60XR
Pratt & Whitney Engines that Power Private Jets
* Turboprop engines

As of March 2021, 1,100+ airlines use Pratt & Whitney Canada engines. Additionally, there are 13,400 customers using P&WC engines. Along with P&WC engines being in operation in over 200 countries and territories.

In total, there are currently 63,000 Pratt & Whitney Canada engines in active service.

The engines that are currently bolted to these private jets date as far back as 1971 with the JT15D-1B engines powering the Cessna Citation I.

Since 1971, Pratt & Whitney Canada have been continuously developing their engines, making them lighter and more fuel-efficient.

Pratt & Whitney Canada make engines of all sizes for a variety of applications. As you can see, Pratt & Whitney Canada engines are capable of powering VLJS, such as the Embraer Phenom 100EV, all the way to large jets such as the Gulfstream G600.