General Electric CF34-3A Engine

The General Electric CF34-3A engine is part of the General Electric CF34 family.

The CF34 range of engines are a series of high-bypass turbofan engines. The engines can trace their routes back to the TF34 military engines from which they are developed.

General Electric CF34 Engine

The GE CF34-3A engines have been used for two private jets – the Bombardier Challenger 601-3A and Bombardier Challenger 601-3AER.

The Bombardier Challenger 601-3A is a large jet manufactured by Bombardier between 1987 and 1993. The maximum cruise speed of the 601-3A is 459 knots with a maximum cruising altitude of 41,000 feet.

When in the optimal configuration, the maximum range of the Challenger 601-3A is 3,100 nautical miles.

The Bombardier Challenger 601-3AER is the extended range variant of the Challenger 601-3A, having between manufactured between 1988 and 1993. The range was increased from 3,100 nautical miles to 3,590 nautical miles.

General Electric CF34-3A Specs

Thrust9,220 lbs
Pressure Ratio21:1
Bypass Ratio6.2:1
Airflow319.7 lbs/second
SFC0.357 lbs/hour
Fan Diameter44 inches
Length103 inches
Weight1,625 lbs
Data courtesy of Teal Group