Private Jet Cost Calculator

Use the tool below to get an estimated price of a private jet flight, along with total distance, flight time, and total fuel burn.

Simply select your aircraft type, then enter your start point and endpoint. Hit calculate and get the results.

Over 140 Private Jets

Choose from over 140 different private jets and how much they will cost. Select from the latest and greatest, all the way to the oldest private jet.

Any Start & End Location

Set your start and end point to anywhere in the world. From major international hubs to small, regional airports, you can get the price for any route.

Flight Time & Distance

Instantly get the total flight distance and flight time between your start and end point. Flight time is adjusted depending on the cruise speed of the chosen aircraft.

Estimated Charter Cost

See how much your chosen route and aircraft combination would cost if you were to use a private jet charter.

Estimated Ownership Cost

Get the estimated cost for your chosen route and aircraft if you owned the private jet. Note that this doesn't include fixed costs.

Estimated Fuel Burn

See how many gallons of Jet-A fuel your chosen aircraft would burn when flying between your two chosen locations.