Over 100 Private Jet Brokers in the UK
How Do You Choose?

Over 1,000 Private Jet Operators in Europe
How Do You Choose?

Over 2,700 Private Jet Aircraft In Europe
Which is Best?

Private Jet Charter Scames are on the Rise
Can You Identify Them?

14% of All Charters in Europe Are Illegal
Do You Know Which Ones?

Why Do I Need a Private Jet Consultant?

Complex Industry

Barriers to entry, loose regulations, large quantities of money. We understand the industry. We will get you to understand the industry and advise you on the best course of action, preventing you from being potentially scammed out of thousands of pounds or flying unsafe aircraft.

Save Time & Money

Having a knowledge imbalance when buying a product can lead you to choosing the incorrect solution or being taken advantage of. Have an independent expert on your side with the potential of saving you thousands of pounds when booking.

Stay Safe

Flying by private jet is one of the safest ways to travel, providing you are flying with a reputable operator. Identifying a reputable operator can be tricky. We will keep you safe & never compromise on safety.

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About Us


If you are new to the industry you can easily be caught out. We get to know your needs and identify the best & safest solutions for you. We have the knowledge to give you the best experience & avoid common pitfalls.


With over 1,000 brokers in the USA how do you choose the one that is right for you? How do you compare them? With over 20,000 private jets in circulation how do you find the right one for you? We know the industry and standards, so will find the best solution for you.


How can you trust someone that has a selling agenda? The aim of a broker is for you to make a purchase. How do you know they are recommending the right options? Let one of our independent experts verify the options presented to you.

Private Jet Charter Fraud is On the Rise - Don't Get Scammed

What We Do

One-to-One Consultation

We spend time getting to know your needs. This is far more effective than explaining your needs to multiple brokers only to find they can’t fulfil your needs. We will identify the safest options and the most effective strategies for you.

Industry Analysis

We understand the industry and will provide you with this knowledge. We will show you how the industry works and the best way to fly private. We are on your side 100% of the time and carry your best interests at heart.

Personalised Report

Once we understand your needs we will produce a report detailing the desirability of different options - such as an on-demand charter or direct operator. We will then advise on which companies will best suit these needs and the steps to follow for the best price.

Wholesale Options

In addition to recommending brokers that can fulfil your flights, we will provide you with the most competitive operator costs. These are costs typically only available to those with the knowledge of obtaining and negotiating these prices. This helps to provide you with a reference price and the option to book direct with the operator.


We provide you with the confidence needed to feel comfortable chartering & negotiating a private jet. You will know all the terms to use, the way the industry works and the techniques to make your money go as far as possible.

Inside Knowledge

We have experience within the industry. We know the techniques used, why certain aircraft are being pushed by brokers, why options are presented in certain ways. This allows us to ensure you don’t get caught out with an illegal charter, grey charter or are overcharged on your flight.

Why Fly Private?

No Waiting

The entire aircraft is yours. No queuing to board the aircraft. Fly out of private terminals that are virtually empty with no queues.

Access More Airports

Private jets are smaller than commercial aircraft so are capable of landing at more airports not served by commercial carriers.

Save Time

Arrive with as little as 15 minutes before departure time. Fly to a schedule that suits you, with no queues and arrive closer to your final destination.

Luxury Service

Customer service that is focused around you and your needs. Everything is tailored to your specific requirements. Pre-order gourmet food and have a flight attendant focused on just you.


The aircraft is just for you. Private terminals are empty. You never have to wait around. When onboard you and your companions are the only non-crew members onboard.


Standards of safety within the industry are extremely high when you select the correct broker and operator. Private jets have some of the most advanced technology in the sky.

London Based Private Jet Charter Consultancy Experts

Understanding the Private Jet Industry

Flying by private jet is a fantastic option when you want to save time, fly to your schedule, stay safe, have maximum privacy and maximum luxury. Flying by private jet is by far the fastest way to travel in ultimate luxury and style. Unfortunately, in order to have all these benefits requires that the way that you book a private jet is unable to be as simple as booking a typical commercial flight.

Important factors to consider when chartering a private jet, especially if it is your first time.

Factors affecting charter price

  • Aircraft availability
  • Owners approval
  • Flight approvals
  • Crew availability & hours
  • Aircraft positioning & repositioning fees
  • Aircraft type
  • Fuel costs
  • Distance travelled
  • Airport runway length
  • FBO facilities
  • Aircraft insurance
  • Maintenance schedules

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Broker

  • Trade Group Membership
  • Safety Certifications/Procedures
  • Prior Experience
  • Depth of Knowledge
  • Source of Aircraft
  • Commission Rate/Charge Mark-up
  • Additional Surcharges
  • Aircraft Recommendations
  • Financial Health
  • Security Standards
  • Additional Services Available
  • Payment Options

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Operator

  • Crew Qualifications
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Safety Record
  • Safety Certifications
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Service Training
  • Insurance
  • Problem Resolution/Refund Protection
  • Background & Experience
  • Security Procedures
  • Certification Verification
  • Aircraft Condition

Additionally, while there are heavy restrictions on the operation of private jets, there are very few restrictions on private jet brokers. The low barriers to entry for brokers mean that there are lots available (over 100 in the United Kingdom alone) and all have varying degrees of professionalism. Brokers have access to different aircraft and will present different options with wildly different prices, all with an unknown commission value. Brokers will all provide different levels of after sales service and different levels of additional options (catering, ground transportation, etc). This leaves the new and inexperienced customer at risk of being overcharged, being presented unsuitable options or, in the worst case scenarios, being offered aircraft that are unsafe.

14% of all Europe Charters are Illegal

Another option is to skip the middleman altogether and go straight to the source - the aircraft operator. The problem here is that there are over 1,000 operators in Europe, most of which fly only a few aircraft. This means that contacting enough operators to find the accurate market value is extremely time consuming - the exact time that you are trying to save by flying private! Plus, operators all have different safety levels (ARGUS & WYVERN ratings), depicting their overall safety score.

The result of all this is that many first time private jet flyers feel overwhelmed when looking to charter a jet for the first time. By booking a consultation service with us we are able to advise you on the best options for your requirements. We are then able to contact all the operators for you to find the accurate wholesale cost if you are looking for a cost effective option. We will also suggest the best brokers for a complete solution for your flight requirements. We, of course, will never be sacrificing safety and will only recommend highly reputable brokers. If you are talking with your broker or operator and are unsure about why they are pushing for a certain aircraft, why they are charging so much more for a certain route or if their practices are industry standard - we are there to reassure you of how the industry works.

Through a few conversations we can find the safest options for you. Options where you won’t be left stranded. Won’t be left out of pocket. Won’t be ripped off. Won’t be taken advantage of for being new.

We are independent experts who are on your side the whole way. We do not charge commission. We charge one upfront consultation fee and the rest is taken care of. The result is that you will save thousands of pounds in the long-term through having the inside information.

Fast Consultation

  • Full Industry Overview
  • Personalised Action Plan
  • Advice During Booking
  • One Route Plan
  • Video Call Session
  • Wholesale Prices


Full Consultation

  • Full Industry Overview
  • Personalised Action Plan
  • Advice During Booking
  • One Route Plan
  • Video Call Session
  • Wholesale Prices


Unlimited Consultation (6 Months)

  • Full Industry Overview
  • Personalised Action Plan
  • Advice During Booking
  • Unlimited Route Plans
  • Video Call Sessions
  • Wholesale Prices


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Don't I Just Use a Broker?

When searching for “private jet charter” there are over 42 million results. Figuring out the difference between brokers will take days of research - worthwhile research as all brokers have varying levels of service, prices and standards. We ensure you don’t have to spend days finding the best one for you - we already know!

Why Don't I Do this Research Myself?

You can! If you have some spare days to perform the research, learn all about the industry and speak to multiple brokers then this is very possible. Additionally, do enough research and you will likely find a nearly decent priced operator. But, one of the main benefits of flying private is the time saving. So the time you would save flying private will be lost through all the research you are doing. We already possess the knowledge so can give you the best results much, much quicker than yourself, as well as saving you days of stress and frustration.

How Much Contact Will I have with the Expert?

It will depend on the package. You will receive the crucial contact details for your expert - email and phone number. With the exception of the ‘fast consultation’ you will also experience video call sessions. You are always free to email or WhatsApp your expert with any additional questions.

What if the Price is too high?

From the start we will get familiar with your budget and provide a rough idea of cost. If this cost is too high then we are always able to explore more affordable transport options.

How Do I Pay?

Payment is very simple using the “Buy Now” buttons above. All transactions are completed with PayPal - where you can pay with a PayPal account, Debit Card or Credit Card. If you prefer, a bank transfer can be arrange. Payment is secure as it is all handled by PayPal - we never see your payment details.

How Long is the Process?

Depending on your requirements the timeline will vary. The “Fast Consultation” package can have options turned around within a couple of days. However, waiting for wholesale operator costs will usually take a bit longer than this to receive the final options.

How Much Money Can I Save?

The amount of money you will save depends largely on the length of flight and final price. The more expensive the flight, the more you will save. If you are flying London to Bangkok you will be saving within the tens of thousands of pounds range, short flights from London to Paris will be closer to thousands of pounds.

How Much Time Can I Save?

Days of research. Hours of frustration. Flying by private jet will enable you to arrive at the airport with as little as 15 minutes prior to departure time and leave the airport as soon as your land. Increase your time savings by preventing days of research.

How Much Fraud is in the Industry?

Due to the nature of the private jet industry - namely due to the large quantities of money involved - fraud has always been rife within the industry. However, in recent time, in a large part due to COVID & new customers, there has been an increase in the number of fraudulent companies charging low prices but not delivering on the charter flight. More can be learnt here: LINK.

How Come You Have the Cheapest Prices?

Every broker in the industry claims to have the lowest prices. The reason that we have the cheapest prices is because we present the wholesale cost of the flight to you, along with a group of recommended brokers for your needs. The result is that the flights we present to you are no different to those that a broker will present, we just simply do not add a commission or markup to the prices.

Got Additional Questions?

If you have any additional questions or would like to arrange a custom consultation package, then please send an email to [email protected].

Please Note

Compare Private Planes is a wholly owned subsidiary of Magic Lagoon Limited (12674501). Compare Private Planes is not an operator of aircraft and as such has no operational control. Compare Private Planes acts solely as an advisory and consultation service. Funds must be paid prior to the consultation service. Compare Private Planes will never recommend a direct operator that does not hold an ARGUS certified rating and will only work with brokers that maintain high safety standards. Compare Private Planes will never recommend illegal or grey charters. Additionally, as Compare Private Planes is not a broker or an operator we are unable to provide quotes or price estimates prior to the purchase of a consultation service.

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