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Simply fill out the form above to receive a quote for your flight. We will then get back to you with the cost for the flight. It is that simple! Tell us what you want and we will make it happen! Arrange your flight in the space of a few hours and a couple of emails or WhatsApps.

Charter your private jet via WhatsApp or email with 24/7 direct access to your dedicated agent. You will not be passed from person to person. We will get to know you personally to make the process as easy as possible. Your dedicated agent will deal with your exact requirements efficiently. No need for automated responses, account numbers or your mother's maiden name. We know who you are.

For regular customers we also offer a competitive loyalty scheme with exciting rewards that you can claim depending on the number of flights you have chartered with us. Additionally, should you wish to offset the carbon emissions produced by your charter flight - which you can calculate here - we can include this in your final bill, just ask!

Any questions? Email us at [email protected] and we will help you out.

We want to make sure that you have the best customer experience possible, whether that is with us or another broker. If you wish to consider other brokers then be sure to compare some others here.

Creating the easiest & best private jet charter experience possible.

Why Us?

With so many private jet charter companies out there, why choose us? The truth is, there are a finite number of private jets available to charter and all brokers have access to nearly the identical pool of aircraft. Therefore, it is unlikely that by choosing different brokers you will be flying on significantly different aircraft. The difference between charter brokers is all in the booking and planning process.

The experience and service that you receive from a charter broker can be discovered relatively quickly, the response you get from submitting a quote will tell you a lot about the broker that you are dealing with. We therefore strongly suggest that you submit the quote request for your flight and see how you find the initial relationship with us.

Here are five reasons that you should enlist us to arrange your next private jet trip:

  • The best customer service possible. No question is too ridiculous, no request no small. This is your flight; it should be perfect and we will make it perfect.
  • A simple booking experience. Submit a flight request and we will quickly contact you with a quote. Proceed with the paperwork and get on the flight. It really is that simple.
  • High safety standards guaranteed. We only use ARGUS certified operators, ensuring that you are always in safe hands.
  • Knowledge. We know all the aircraft, know how the industry works and know how to pair you with the perfect aircraft.
  • Transparency. Take a look around the site - we want you to be as well informed as possible. Learn about the aircraft, look at our charter competitors, ask us why we are doing what we do. We will always give you the truth and help you find the solution that best fits your needs.

We background check all operators to ensure that you are always in safe hands.

About Compare Private Planes Charter

Compare Private Planes Charter is a division of Compare Private Planes which was created in 2019. The object of Compare Private Planes is to provide charter customers with more knowledge about aircraft and the industry in order to allow customers to make better, more informed decisions. Chartering with Compare Private Planes builds on this element of simplicity and access to information.

While looking at which private jet company to charter with you will have discovered that each company provides the same sales pitch. "We are the best". "Access to the most aircraft". "Unrivalled customer service". While all of these, of course, apply to our charter, anyone can say these things. Especially in respects to the access to the most aircraft - there are a finite amount of private jets available to charter and all brokers have access to the same aircraft. So then, what is the difference between the companies? The difference comes with the price and the service provided.

This is where we can have an impact on your charter experience. If you request a quote from us we will get back to you quickly with a price. If you like the price we can move forward and book. If you don't like the price you can walk away. No strings attached. You aren't permanently part of our mailing list. We will not pester or hector you for months looking for business.

We want to make the process of chartering a private jet as simple and as painless as possible. Fill out the form above with your flight details and we will get back to you with a quote. Let us know of any preferences you have, confirm the details and that's it! A few emails or WhatsApps and you can have your flight arranged. You will not find a simpler booking process elsewhere. If you want to go in a different direction, have no fear, we will leave you alone!

Of course, we only ever use operators that are WYVERN or ARGUS certified to ensure that the aircraft you are flying on is maintained to the highest safety standards and that the crew are properly qualified. We can also arrange any ground transportation should you require. Thanks to our efficient booking process we can have you in the sky within a matter of hours.

Please Note

Compare Private Planes Charter is an air charter broker and is not a direct air carrier or a direct foreign air carrier in operational control of aircraft. The air service advertised shall be provided by a properly licensed direct air carrier or direct foreign air carrier.

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