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About Private Jet Charter

Private Jet Charter is one of the older brokers operating in the industry (established in 1990), and the experience that they have gained from 3 decades in the industry has led them to refine the service and create a friendly user experience. Private Jet Charter is one of the few brokers to offer a loyalty program for their on-demand charter users, known as their Diamond Rewards Club. Their scheme works by providing you with 2 points for every £1,000 spent, and these points can then be used for rewards such as gift cards, afternoon tea, theatre shows and Apple hardware and accessories.

Private Jet Charter are able to provide you with 24/7 service every day of the year, flights between any two points on the glove and excellent personalised service. They have a variety of offices located throughout the globe (see map below) with their headquarters based in London. Private Jet Charter offer an instant quote available with every enquiry and their response speed to each enquiry is the best in the industry. Private Jet Charter say “that when you book a charter flight with Private Jet Charter, you are booking with a team of professionals in the air charter industry. Our multilingual staff combined with our many years of knowledge on all things air charter allows us to provide a worldwide experience second to none.“

Private Jet Charter provide on their website a range of glowing testimonials – however, we were unable to find reviews for them elsewhere on the internet. Although they do say that “once people have tried the Private Jet Charter experience, they tend to make a habit of it.” Additionally, Private Jet Charter say that “Our Guarantee: We will do everything humanly possible to deliver on our commitment to you, without it ever becoming your problem.”


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