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About Give Jet

GiveJet has a wide variety of plans designed to meet your level of commitment. With only a minimal amount of capital to set aside, they are able to provide an unparalleled level of service. For the clients who are looking for the occasional flight, they have programs that guarantee all of the benefits of private flight with the utmost simplicity.

Their No Commitment Jet Charter program allows for you to experience the best of the best among the skies without the thousands of dollars of investment. Fly in comfort with safety rated pilots aboard state of the art aircraft. However, this is only the beginning. The benefits of private flight extend beyond any measurable amount due to the immense time saving and comfort enhancing capabilities of the flight options.

Founded in 2005, GiveJet is a part of a global aviation initiative that is designed around making private aviation grow into new markets. Part of the National Business Aviation Association since 2010, GiveJet has completed a wide variety of private aviation flights. Nearly every major airport both domestic and international has been a part of our nearly 5,000 flight operations. Their history of excellence is not only our past but is also guiding us into the future. With every take off and landing, they are proudly continuing our goal of private aviation perfection.


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