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About Falcona Private Jets

Falcona Private Jets was established in 2012 by former footballer Adie Mike and is based out of Manchester Airport. The private jet broker specialises in arranging large cabin aircraft for multinational companies, entrepreneurs and Ultra High Net Worth individuals. Again, thanks to being a broker, Falcona Private Jet can arrange for a charter flight between any two destinations on the planet. So, whether you are travelling around Europe, the Middle East or America, Falcona Private Jets will be able to find the best aircraft for your journey.


Falcon Private Jets speciality claims to be that they will be able to find you the right aircraft in less time and with less hassle than if you were to go with a competitor. Realising that time is your most precious asset, their mission is to help you get exactly what you need. They don’t have favourites either and their independent service is unbiased. There are no membership fees, subscriptions or large upfront payments. Whether your objective is work or pleasure, Falcona will manage the complexities of you travel, making it safe, comfortable and efficient.


There are four promises that Falcona Private Jets make to you if you book with them:

  • Falcona will source and compare the best available aircraft worldwide for your journey.
  • They use the world’s largest professional database, saving you valuable time.
  • They will work with you through every step of the process to ensure you fully understand all of the requirements.
  • As your private jet broker, they will give you an honest and transparent service at all times. Take the stress and hassle out of booking a private jet for you.



Falcona Private Jets has received excellent, verified testimonials from customers, with nearly every review giving the service five starts out of five. With a highly rapid response speed to every enquiry, you will receive a highly personalised service from start to finish. While there is no app or online quote available, Falcona Private Jets only works with operators that has a valid AOC (Air Operators Certificate).


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