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    About Corporate Aircraft Charters

    Corporate Aircraft Charters, being one of the oldest charter brokers in Canada, offers its’ clients an opportunity to compare costs when looking at aircraft charters, as a possible alternative to commercial flights. This service pertains to passenger aircraft, cargo flights, air ambulance, aerial photography, aerial sightseeing, seaplanes and helicopters. Corporate Aircraft Charters, with its worldwide affiliates, has access to over 20,000 aircraft, featuring piston, turbo-prop, all types of jets, floatplanes, seaplanes and helicopters and they only work with “hand picked” operators.

    Their data base is constantly updated and will act as your one stop resource, for any size and type of air charter service, from anywhere to anywhere. Through these affiliations one-way charters are also available.

    Why charter? Simply put, private jets offer a competitive edge in a world where time is money. Today’s management team cannot be restricted by the inflexibility of airline schedules. With an airplane charter, you are able to set your own schedule. Private charters can be changed or rescheduled, on short notice.

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