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About Air Planning LLC

Since 1999, Air Planning has been arranging private air charter services for some of the most notable entities in the world. Whether your travel need is for 300 passengers attending a corporate event or a small group requiring unparalleled luxury, their team of professionals will manage every aspect of your private charter flight. As your trusted agent, they will recommend appropriate aircraft options, negotiate with air carriers on your behalf, and coordinate every logistical detail to ensure that your charter flight is an unforgettable experience.

Their knowledge and experience is unrivaled in the large group air charter market. For over twenty years their team has provided guidance on selecting the right large aircraft for groups from 20 to 500+, arranging charter flights around the globe. Aircraft and air carrier selection is only the beginning. They will guide you every step of the way including presenting the cost for an air charter, contract negotiations, logistical planning, and day-of-flight 24-7 support.

If your travel party is between 1-20 passengers, they will walk you through the various charter aircraft options. A light jet may be the perfect fit for that quick family trip, while a heavy jet would serve better on a long-haul flight with more passengers. In between? Then a mid-jet aircraft may be the perfect air charter solution. Their team will match you with the right aircraft every time.


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