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About Air Charter Advisors

Air Charter Advisors was established in 2010 and have their head office in Tamarac, Florida. Offering a wide range of services, such as private jet charters for private travel, corporate travel, government and entertainment industries, along with air cargo services and medical air ambulances, Air Charter Advisors will be able to help you out.

Air Charter Advisors say that “whatever your private aviation needs may be, from bespoke charter flights and medical air transport, to jet cards, aircraft acquisitions, and charter plane management, Air Charter Advisors offers a complete list of private jet charter services to assist finding the best solution for every client.” With years of experience in the private aviation industry they have developed an impressive list of clients, both individuals and corporations, who have been loyal to their services for years.

Additionally, Air Charter Advisors know that when its comes to renting a private jet, one of the top concerns is safety. Air Charter Advisors is one of a select few private jet brokers who are WYVERN certified and are more than happy for you to quiz them about their certifications. In fact, Air Charter Advisors say that “Our #1 goal is passenger safety. Ask us to prove it, and we will show you how we differ from our competitors.”

Air Charter Advisors are certainly not the largest private jet brokers in the industry, having said that, they are far larger than a one person operation. They are in the sweet spot of providing personalised service, while also having access to over 10,000 aircraft, and having all the safety certificates that a private jet broker could reasonably obtain.


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