The Pros and Cons of Chartering a Private Jet

Man sitting looking out window of Dassault Falcon 6X

If you have been flying economy for years, the idea of taking a private jet charter flight may be daunting. Many people, particularly first-timers, often have the notion that it is costly or too expensive for them. However, chartering a private jet is the ideal option for those who want to invest in a stress-free and convenient flying experience.

Before stepping foot inside a private chartered jet, though, it is essential first to learn everything that you can about it. What is in store for you once you decide to take on the trip? Which things should you look forward to? What are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a chartered jet?

Man sitting looking out window of Dassault Falcon 6X

The Pros

Private jet charters offer privacy.

Commercial airlines are fun, but they can be stressful and inconvenient, starting from airport check-in to the actual flight. You can always choose first-class or business class, but it’s still not as private as flying on a chartered jet.

Chartered jets give you all the privacy you need. Other than the pilots and the crew, the only passengers you’ll have to deal with are the ones who will be traveling with you, people you want to be with. It’s like going around town in a limo instead of taking the subway.

Private jet charters offer convenience.

For chartered jet passengers, convenience begins before they hop on the plane. These jets are Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs) instead of traditional airports. If a passenger arrives 30 minutes before the flight schedule, he won’t have to worry about going through a lengthy check-in process and lining up for security and customs check. A concierge usually welcomes the passenger, assists him, and takes him straight to the chartered jet.

You and your pilot can talk ahead of time and plot the route closest to your destination. So, you can save time because there’s no need to book connecting flights. Private jets can use more or less 5,000 airports throughout the United States. You save on travel time and money.

Private jet charters offer luxury and the best amenities.

Private jets offer luxury and amenities that you won’t find in any first or business class commercial airline. Everything provided for you is customized, including catering services and entertainment. If you are on a business trip, you and your colleagues will have access to well-equipped staterooms or meeting rooms.

You can also request special services, such as when you want a specific type of food or drink to be served or a particular film you want to watch. You can even bring your pet with you.

Chartered jets give you the freedom to follow your schedule. You can ask for food and drinks whenever you want to, and nobody will tell you it’s not yet time to put your feet up and relax on your seat. Likewise, you won’t have to race with other passengers to the toilet.

Private jet charters offer personalized services.

Personalized service is always good and satisfying, and this is what chartered jets offer. The customization happens right at the start when you decide which aircraft you want to hire. There are chartered jets for personal and family use, and there are those that are ideal for business trips.

The interiors are custom-made. You can choose a jet with luxurious couches and seats, high-tech entertainment systems, high-speed Wi-Fi, a bar, and even a small but comfortable bedroom. Some chartered flight travelers sometimes ask their favorite chef to fly with them.

Private jet charters offer flexibility.

With private jet services, you can change your flight schedule when you need to. If you want it at a later time or date, you can arrange for it. If you need to change your route while in mid-flight, it’s okay to do so. Likewise, chartered jets are easy to book for emergencies that require immediate transport (i.e., a ski accident or hospital transfers).

Private jet charters guarantee personal care for your health and safety.

While all airline companies are required to follow health and safety protocols, particularly in the time of coronavirus, private jet companies go the extra mile to ensure these measures are strictly implemented. Safety is observed not only in-flight, but in the offices as well, and even in the confines of every employees’ home. There is a manual distributed to everyone in the office, the pilots, flight crew, and the ground personnel.

Strict health and safety protocols are also required for every passenger. Anyone who refuses to follow the procedures may not be allowed to fly.

Private flight providers follow and implement protocols set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The Cons

Private jet charters can be costly.

For large and established businesses, paying a high price for chartered flights is not a problem. These trips are an investment for them. However, startups, small businesses, and personal flyers may not be too comfortable about the costs. It’s good then that many private jet charter companies offer several options for passengers looking for a practical investment.

Private jet charters may take time to book.

Commercial airline passengers can book their flights in minutes and through different channels, including amenities such as in-flight meals. Private flight passengers have to arrange and finalize details with their provider, from the choice of the jet to hire, to the departure time, route, destination, and amenities. It can be a long process, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you choose the right company.

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