The 10 Most Popular Jets On the Market (Q1 2022)

Gulfstream G200 Exterior

While 2022 has brought turbulence to our global society not felt in decades, in the form of war after Russia invaded Ukraine and the economic shakeup that has followed, the impact of that on the business jet industry has yet to move the needle greatly, in terms of preowned aircraft sales.

Demand was strong and supply limited throughout 2021, and that has remained the case in 2022, even with rising operating costs in the form of FBO fuel prices and restrictions on global flight paths. This is a look at the top 10 most in-demand jets, of those on the actual marketplace, based on the level of inquiries submitted for aircraft for sale on, during the first quarter of 2022, ranked from tenth to first.

  1. Dassault Falcon 7X
  2. Gulfstream G200
  3. Cessna Citation CJ4
  4. Gulfstream G600
  5. Gulfstream G450
  6. Dassault Falcon 2000
  7. Bombardier Challenger 604
  8. Gulfstream GIVSP
  9. Gulfstream G650ER
  10. Gulfstream G550

10. Dassault Falcon 7X

A central theme to this list is ultra-long-range aircraft with the largest payloads. While this is one of only two Dassault Falcon Jets on the list, it’s not for a lack of interest. It’s just that the few larger Dassault Falcon Jet offerings, such as the Falcon 8X, are often sold before they even hit the public market.

The Falcon 7X’s capabilities put it in the middle of the pack of the private jets on this list, able to carry two crew members and up to seven passengers more than 5,800 nautical miles.

You can find current Falcon 7X jets for sale on here:

9. Gulfstream G200

Walk into an empty room and mention that you have a Gulfstream jet for sale, and the room will probably be packed with interested brokers in a matter of seconds. While this is among the smallest of the jets listed on this list of most-wanted jets for 2022, it’s the first of many entries from Gulfstream.

Unlike others on this list, the Gulfstream G200 has a long history. Originally manufactured under the name Astra Galaxy by Israel Aircraft Industries, Gulfstream rebranded the jet as the G200 when the company took over Galaxy Aerospace in 2001.

Despite the age of some of the models, the Gulfstream G200 remains popular, as it can take you from Detroit to London, or Seoul to Singapore; however, its payload when completely fueled is only 650 pounds.

You can find current Gulfstream G200 jets for sale on here:

8. Cessna Citation CJ4

One of the smaller private jets on the list and the only offering from Textron is the Cessna Citation CJ4 (Model 525C). Again, the scarcity of the brand names can be reflected in the scarcity of inventory. If there aren’t many aircraft to inquire about, then it’s not going to rank well in this listing. The CJ4, of course, is an extension of the Cessna CJ3, with an additional two feet of cabin space added. It was introduced in 2006 and first delivered in 2010. The small jet can carry six passengers and fill its two crew seats across 1,920 nautical miles.

You can find current Citation CJ4 jets for sale on here:

7. Gulfstream G600

The second Gulfstream to make the list, the G600 is larger and more modern than the G200. Able to cover longer legs than the shorter-range G500, the Gulfstream G600 business jet first hit the market in 2017. Wider wings than the G500 allow it to carry 10,000 more pounds of fuel, which can carry up to 18 passengers 5,500 nautical miles, at some of the fastest travel times in its class. With a maximum speed of 616 knots, the Gulfstream G600 private jet owns many records.

You can find current Gulfstream G600 jets for sale on here:

6. Gulfstream G450

A favorite because of its intercontinental range, the Gulfstream G450 comes in next on the list. While smaller than the G500 and G600, it can still carry passengers more than 4,300 nautical miles, allowing it to link from Dallas to Paris with a maximum operating speed of 587 knots. Another top selling point is the versatility of its interior options. Six interior configurations can accommodate up to 16 passengers. 

You can find current Gulfstream G450 jets for sale on here:

5. Dassault Falcon 2000

The second Dassault Falcon Jet offering to make the top 10, the Falcon 2000 comes from an earlier generation than the successive Falcon 7X and Falcon 8X business jets of today. However, its reliability and performance still make them popular in the preowned jet aircraft market.

Certified in 1994, the Falcon 2000 offers fliers the chance to hop across continents, albeit in a somewhat smaller, twin-engine configuration as compared to the Falcon 900 trijet. Billed as an economical jet, the Falcon 2000 has a high-speed cruise of 479 knots at 39,000 feet.

You can find current Falcon 2000 jets for sale on here:

4. Bombardier Challenger 604

Since its debut in 1995, the Challenger 604 variant of the Bombardier 600 series of private jets has been a business aviation workhouse, as it has collectively logged 4 million flight hours. The 1,150-cubic-foot cabin can seat up to nine passengers and it can surpass 4,000 nautical miles in range with smaller loads.

Again, while this is the only Bombardier jet to crack the list for the first quarter of 2022 preowned jet inquiries, it is a wild market. Offerings in the Global series, for instance, often have new owners paying top dollar, as soon as the phrase “for sale” is mentioned.

You can find current Challenger 604 jets for sale on here:

3. Gulfstream GIVSP

The predecessor to the Gulfstream G450 remains a hot pick among used business aircraft. The Gulfstream GIVSP, of GIV/SP, was an updated take on the original G-IV series. The cabin, generally divided into three areas, can seat 14 passengers in the midsection, with club and divan arrangements in the forward and aft sections. The Gulfstream IV/SP can cover more than 4,000 nautical miles and has a max speed of 500 knots.

You can find current Gulfstream GIVSP jets for sale on here:

2. Gulfstream G650ER

A favorite of the world’s richest individuals, the Gulfstream 650ER defines the term jet setting. With a global range of 7,500 nautical miles at 0.85 Mach, it can carry up to 19 passengers and crew across the world, once flying more than 8,300 nautical miles from Singapore to Arizona in a single bound, at the time, the longest non-stop flight by a business jet. The secret to its extended-range success, a ploy we have seen from Gulfstream before: longer wings to carry more fuel.

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1. Gulfstream G550

Taking the top podium in a Gulfstream medal sweep is the Gulfstream G550. Another ultra-long-range business jet that is both nimble and luxurious. The Gulfstream G550 can take off from short runways at high altitudes, making it versatile, while also being able to connect Paris and Tokyo, or D.C. with Dubai. With a four-zone living area that can haul 19 passengers in style, it’s no coincidence that Gulfstream G550 private jets for sale on have commanded the highest number of inquiries so far in 2022.

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