How Much is a Private Jet from New York to Miami?

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The relatively short hop flying by private jet from New York to Miami has quickly become one of the most popular private jet routes in the United States.

Flying from New York to Miami connects two of the largest cities in the United States. Miami is a popular destination thanks to its sandy beaches, warm weather and nightlife.

Meanwhile, New York is a popular destination thanks to its culture and business scenes.

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Private jets fly the route from New York to Miami every day. While there are direct commercial flights that operate on this route, private jets offer a great way to avoid the congestion of commercial travel.

Significant time savings can be made flying by private jet between New York and Miami. Additionally, the luxury of a private jet far surpasses that of first class.

Furthermore, thanks to the popularity of the New York to Miami route, empty legs are easy to find.

Private Jet from New York to Miami Route

The flight distance from New York to Miami is just over 1,000 Miles (1,092 Miles to be precise). Therefore, this route is within the abilities of nearly every private jet. From VLJs to turboprops, light jets to Head of State Aircraft.

Flight time for this mission comes in at just under 3 hours for a light jet. However, the larger the aircraft gets, the faster the aircraft can fly. Therefore, a large jet is able to complete the flight from New York to Miami in just 2 hours 30 minutes.

Suitable Aircraft

The flight distance of 1,092 miles means that this route just about fits the abilities of a VLJ. However, turboprop aircraft and light jets or larger are most common for this journey.

Suitable aircraft range from a Pilatus PC-12 to Head of State aircraft (such as the Boeing Business Jet or Embraer Lineage 1000E).

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Converting 1,092 Miles to Nautical Miles, you get a value of 948 Nautical Miles. A typical VLJ has a maximum range of around 1,200 Nautical Miles. However, once you start to add passengers and weight, this value can start decreasing rapidly.

Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be flying from New York to Miami by Very Light Jet. Additionally, you will be more comfortable flying in a light jet or larger. Of course, your charter broker will be able to provide you with a wide range of aircraft choices.

Due to the popularity and size of both New York and Miami there will be no issue with large aircraft being accommodated at either end. Therefore, your aircraft choice is restricted only by price.

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New York Airports

New York has 11 airports that are suitable for private jets and service the city. Suitable airports for flying by private jet into New York are JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, Teterboro, Long Island MacArthur Airport, Westchester County, Stewart International, Morristown Municipal, Linden, Republic Airport and Essex County.

The best way to choose the right airport for your charter flight is by convenience. The reason that private jets are able to save you so much time is because of the time they save while on the ground. Your airport choice will also affect the total charter price.

However, it is strongly advised to avoid flying out of JFK airport. JFK handles so much commercial traffic that delays are inevitable. The only situation you would want to fly into JFK on a private jet is if you were then transferring to a commercial long haul flight.

Miami Airports

Miami has four airports that you will want to consider when flying by private jet. These airports are Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport, Miami Executive Airport, Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport and Miami International Airport.

Much like with your New York Airport choice, the decision for which airport in Miami to use will come down to convenience. The decision will come down to ground transportation time. Where is your final destination and how long will it take to get to the airport.

All the mentioned airports in Miami have excellent FBO facilities.

Private Jet from New York to Miami Price

Due to the nature of business aviation and the bespoke arrangements, providing an exact figure for all scenarios is impossible. However, estimates can be provided when flying by private jet from New York to Miami.

Of course, there are many factors that affect the price of a private jet charter. Additionally, different aircraft have different hourly costs.

Prices for this mission will vary from $12,000 for a turboprop all the way up to $90,000 for a Head of State aircraft.

Aircraft ClassAircraft ModelMax PassengersOne Way Price
TurbopropPilatus PC-128$12,000
Light JetCessna Citation CJ3+6$16,000
Medium JetCessna Citation XLS+8$21,000
Large JetDassault Falcon 900LX14$35,000
Head of StateBoeing BBJ 73760$90,000
Price estimates flying by private jet from New York to Miami. Prices are estimates only for a one-way flight. All prices in USD.

Please keep in mind that these prices are estimates only. This is due to the number of factors that affect the price of a private jet charter.

Clearly the most cost effective option is to fly by turboprop. These aircraft are comfortable, safe and can carry a decent number of passengers. The compromise that one must make is flight time. Turboprops simply can’t fly as fast as jet aircraft. While a large jet can complete the flight in 2 hours and 30 minutes, a turboprop aircraft will take nearly 4 hours.

Therefore, the recommended aircraft for this route is a light jet. If you are interested in chartering a private jet we recommended reading this guide.

Getting the Best Deals

The most cost effective way to fly by private jet from New York to Miami is by finding an empty leg.

Empty legs offer the same experience of flying private (without the flexibility), at up to 75% off. There are some compromises that need to be made.

However, due to the New York to Miami route being so popular, you can easily find a convenient empty leg for you and your fellow passengers.