Private Jet from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

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Flying by private jet from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is one of the most popular private jet routes in the United States. It is the fastest way to get between the two cities, taking just one hour by jet aircraft. Flying in a propeller aircraft takes just over one hour.

Las Vegas and Los Angeles are two of the most common cities within the United States tied to money and entertainment.

Las Vegas is one of the most visited cities in the world, offering travellers shows, casinos, shopping, and adventures.

On the other hand, Los Angeles is one of the most populous cities in the United States and is home to some of the most upscale amenities in the country. Furthermore, Los Angeles is home to a variety of globally recognized businesses.

Whether you are travelling for work or for pleasure, the LA to Las Vegas route is a highly popular one. This makes it a great route to seek out empty legs, which you can learn all about here.

Los Angeles to Las Vegas Route

The route for a private jet from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is a simple one, covering just 230 miles from city to city. This makes it within the comfortable range limit of every private jet currently on the market. Additionally, executive turboprops are also suitable for this mission. You can view and compare the different types of aircraft for this route here.

Suitable Aircraft

Due to the short nature of this route virtually every aircraft is suitable. You could even fly in a small propeller aircraft if you really wanted to! However, while this would be around half the price, a small propeller aircraft would take twice as long and be far, far less comfortable. Furthermore, it is unlikely that you will find a charter company that is willing to offer a Cessna 182 to fly you the 230 miles.

However, out of the turboprop and private jets, every aircraft can complete the job. Larger aircraft would only be used if there were a large number of passengers flying.

Dassault 2000S Exterior

Los Angeles Airports

When flying by private jet in or out of Los Angeles there are three key airports for the private jet traveller. And, no, Los Angeles International Airport is not one of these. If you fly by private jet in or out of LA you will almost never be transiting through LAX.

The reason for this is because the aim when flying private is to go to small airports. Smaller airports have less air traffic coming in – meaning you wont have to wait a long time to take off or land – and there is less congestion on the ground. Not only is there less congestion in terms of car traffic but also people. Fewer people in the terminal mean a quicker process getting through. This is why, when flying private, you only need to arrive 15 to 20 minutes prior to departure. Furthermore, smaller airports will be located closer to the city center, therefore, there will be less travel time on the ground.

The three most common airports used by private jet travelers are Van Nuys, Burbank/Bob Hope and Hawthrone. See the map below.

Las Vegas Airports

Airport choice in Las Vegas is more limited than in LA. However, similar to Los Angeles, there are three key airports for private jet travelers. And yes, one is the main, commercial, international airports, McCarran.

The three airports are McCarran International Airport, Henderson Executive Airport and North Las Vegas Airport. McCarran is the usual choice for private jet travelers, followed closely by Henderson. The reason for this is convenience. Las Vegas airports are the exception to the rule that smaller airports are closer to the city center. In this case, McCarran is the most convenient airport in terms of ground transportation.

Private Jet from Los Angeles to Las Vegas Price

As you will hear whenever trying to get a rough price for a private jet charter, it depends. However, it is possible to give some ballpark figures. To learn about all the factors that affect a private jet flight check out this article here. Additionally, check out this article to learn about how much a private jet costs per hour.

Due to LA to Las Vegas being a popular route there will be plenty of available aircraft. Furthermore, repositioning fees should be minimal as both airports are home bases to many charter aircraft. The main factors that will influence price in this situation are passenger numbers and short leg fees.

Prices for this route will vary from $5,000 for an executive turboprop, such as a Pilatus PC-12, to over $18,000 for a large jet. These are one way price estimates. Below is a table detailing the estimated all in flight cost for certain aircraft types.

Aircraft ClassAircraft ModelMax PassengersOne Way Price
TurbopropPilatus PC-128$5,000
Very Light JetCessna Citation Mustang4$6,000
Light JetLearJet 40XR6$7,000
Medium JetCessna Citation XLS+8$10,000
Large JetDassault Falcon 900EX14$18,000

Keep in mind that these prices are estimates only and one way only. Clearly, the cheapest aircraft per passenger will be an executive turboprop. These aircraft represent an efficient way to fly private. However, the compromise that passengers must make over a light jet is speed. Jet aircraft are simply quicker. However, on a short journey like this a turboprop aircraft only takes around 20 minutes longer. Learn more about propeller aircraft here.

Empty Legs

Finding an empty leg between Los Angeles and Las Vegas will be the most cost effective way to fly this route by private jet. This is thanks to empty legs costing up to 75% less than a regular chartered flight. However, there are some compromises that need to be made. Learn everything you need to know about Empty Legs here.