Private Jet From Geneva International to London Biggin Hill

Flying by private jet from Geneva International to London Biggin Hill is one of the most popular private jet routes in Europe, according to the latest report from the EBAA. You can view a comprehensive list of the most popular European private jet routes here.

One of the reasons that this route is so popular is due to the exceptional time savings versus flying commercially. Time savings that are especially noticeable due to the short distance of this particular mission.

Flying by private jet is one of the fastest ways to get between the two cities, taking around one and a half hours by jet aircraft.

Whether you are traveling for work or for pleasure, the Geneva International to London Biggin Hill route is a highly popular one. This makes it a great route to seek out empty legs, which you can learn all about here, and browse our empty leg database here.

Geneva International to London Biggin Hill Route

The route for a private jet from Geneva International to London Biggin Hill is a relatively simple one, covering just 389 nautical miles from start to finish.

This makes it within the comfortable range limit of every private jet currently on the market. Additionally, executive turboprops are also suitable for this mission.

Therefore, when selecting an aircraft for this mission, range is not necessarily a critical factor. It will likely be more important to choose the most suitable aircraft based on the number of passengers flying.

You can view and compare the different types of aircraft for this route here.

Suitable Aircraft

Given that this mission is only 389 nautical miles, virtually every aircraft on the market is capable of completing the mission.

From executive turboprops to heavy jets, each one is capable of being used on this mission. Moreover, there an infinite scenarios in which a compelling case can be made to use each and every kind of aircraft.

However, generally speaking, larger aircraft would only be used if there were a large number of passengers flying.

When looking for a suitable aircraft, there are many factors to consider. Factors such as passengers flying, fuel efficiency, necessary amenities, and, of course, budget, need to be considered.

When entering this route into our aircraft selector tool, options such as the Eclipse 500 and Bombardier Learjet 75 are recommended for smaller groups. Whereas the Bombardier Challenger 604 is a suitable option for larger groups.

Of course, note that the critical factor in determining the best aircraft for this mission is the number of passengers flying.

However, given the individual requirements for each and every private flight, we recommend that you use to tool to find the best aircraft that fit your exact requirements.

Geneva International Airport

For this popular route, the airport in question is Geneva International, just 4 miles from the center of Geneva.

One of the reasons that Geneva International airport is so popular is due to its focus on private aviation.

When flying by private jet, smaller airports are always preferred over big, international airports. One of the key reasons for this is that smaller airports are almost always closer to the city center.

Moreover, the air space for smaller airports is less congested than large, commercial airports. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule. However, in this case, Geneva International airport is the most popular amongst private jet travelers for this route.

Geneva International airport is operated by City of Geneva, with 17.7% of its traffic being business aviation dedicated. On average, Geneva International airport sees 33,569 movements per year.

London Biggin Hill Airport

For this popular route, the airport in question is London Biggin Hill, just 18 miles from the center of London.

London Biggin Hill airport is operated by Regional Airports Limited, with 90.6% of its traffic being business aviation dedicated. On average, London Biggin Hill airport sees 16,136 movements per year.

The five most active aircraft at London Biggin Hill airport are the Learjet 75, Cessna Citation Mustang, Pilatus PC-12, Cessna Citation CJ2, and Cessna Citation Excel / XLS. The seven countries that aircraft from London Biggin Hill airport fly to the most are United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Private Jet from Geneva International to London Biggin Hill Price

As you will hear whenever trying to get a rough price for a private jet charter, it depends.

However, it is possible to give some ballpark figures. To learn about all the factors that affect a private jet flight check out this article here. Additionally, check out this article to learn about how much a private jet costs per hour.

Due to Geneva International to London Biggin Hill being a popular route there will be plenty of available aircraft.

Furthermore, repositioning fees should be minimal as both airports are home bases to many charter aircraft. The main factors that will influence price in this situation are passenger numbers and, in some cases, short leg fees.

It is important here to note why the number of passengers flying will affect the price. The reason is very simple. The more passengers, the larger the aircraft.

When flying by private jet you are chartering (renting) the entire aircraft, as opposed to just a seat. Moreover, larger aircraft are more expensive to charter per hour than smaller aircraft. Therefore, if there are more passengers, a larger aircraft will need to be chartered, and a larger aircraft costs more to fly.

Additionally, the number of passengers actually on the aircraft will not significantly impact the price of the charter.

Prices for this route will vary from €5,701 for an executive turboprop, such as a Pilatus PC-12, to over €15,969 for a large jet. These are one-way price estimates for the entire aircraft. Below is a table detailing the estimated all-in-flight cost for certain aircraft types.

Aircraft ClassAircraft ModelMax PassengersOne Way Price
TurbopropPilatus PC-128€5,701
Very Light JetCessna Citation Mustang4 €6,078
Light JetEmbraer Phenom 3009€6,387
Medium JetCessna Citation Sovereign12€8,087
Large JetDassault Falcon 900EX14€15,969
Estimated prices flying by private jet from Geneva International to London Biggin Hill one-way only. All prices in EUR.

Keep in mind that these prices are estimates only and one way only.

Clearly, the cheapest aircraft per passenger will be an executive turboprop. These aircraft represent an efficient, and comfortable, way to fly privately.

However, the compromise that passengers must make over a light jet is speed. Jet aircraft are simply quicker.

If you wish to get the price estimate for any private jet mission, along with other information, check out our flight cost calculator.

Empty Legs

Finding an empty leg between Geneva International and London Biggin Hill will be the most cost-effective way to fly this route by private jet.

This is thanks to empty legs costing up to 75% less than a regular chartered flight.

However, there are some compromises that need to be made.

Learn everything you need to know about Empty Legs here.

Browse our powerful empty leg database here.