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Learn everything you need to know about Las Vegas Airports and chartering a private jet in or out of Las Vegas. From airports and ground travel times to flight prices and local companies, it’s all here. If you are looking for the most cost-effective way to fly private, check out this article. Alternatively, if you are looking for the factors that affect the cost of a private jet charter, check out this article.

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Private Jet Charter Las Vegas

Las Vegas Airports

There are three main airports in Las Vegas that handle private jet travelers. These airports are McCarran International Airport, Henderson Executive Airport and North Las Vegas Airport.

McCarran is the primary airport that customers try to use as it is closest to the center of Las Vegas. However, McCarran is the 30th busiest airport in the world, so traffic to take off and land can delay the flight. Henderson Executive is a good choice if looking for a quiet FBO and quick departure.

Additionally, when booking a private jet charter, keep in mind that all airports will have different landing and handling fees. Therefore, depending on the size of the aircraft and time of departure, it may be worthwhile investigating departure or arrivals into different airports if you are looking for a minor reduction in fees.

McCarran International Airport (LAS/KLAS)

McCarran International Airport is located 5 miles south of downtown Las Vegas. The airport is within easy reach of the Las Vegas Strip.

McCarran International is used both for private and commercial aviation. The airport has its own dedicated private jet terminal with 2 fixed based operators (FBO). This ensures that you will experience additional privacy and VIP treatment. Therefore, you and your travel companions will be far away from the busy main airport.

McCarran airport has four runways: 1L/19R, 1R/19L, 8L/26R and 8R/26L, along with 3 helicopter terminals. In 2019 the airport handled nearly 52 million passengers.

Initially the airport was opened in 1941 and called McCarran Field. Early on in its life it acted primarily as an army base while also handling some commercial flights. However, since 1941, the Las Vegas casino industry has grown, resulting in several expansions of the airport. In 2005, the Macquarie Infrastructure Company purchased the Las Vegas Executive Air Terminal.

Henderson Executive Airport (HSH/KHND)

As the name suggests, Henderson Executive Airport is an airport that primarily handles private aviation activities, namely private jet flights. Henderson Executive is the preferred choice for many travelers as an alternative to McCarran. The airport is far less busy than McCarran, seeing fewer than 200 flights per day. This entry and exit to the airport quick and easy.

Henderson Executive operates its own FBO. This means that the services you receive are organized and managed by the airport itself. Three caterers, one on-site restaurant, rental car access and comfortable seating with stunning views are all available at the Henderson Executive.

Henderson is a relaxed, peaceful airport. So much so that the tower does not operate 24 hours a day. Therefore, if you are considering arriving late then McCarran will likely be a better option.

North Las Vegas Airport (VGT/KVGT)

North Las Vegas Airport is, as the name suggest, located just North of Las Vegas. The primary activities at North Las Vegas Airport are general aviation related. The airport is a fast way to get into the city thanks to the lack of scheduled commercial traffic.

Amenities at North Las Vegas Airport include a large meeting room, medium size conference room, ATM, two on site caterers and on site dining.

However, private jets in and out of North Las Vegas Airport are limited to certain business hours. Therefore, much like with Henderson Executive, if you are looking to arrive or depart late then McCarran will likely be the only option.

Comfortable chairs, outstanding service and a FBO owned and operated by the airport make for an exceptional experience.

Ground Travel Times

Time to travel from each airport the your chosen destination will of course vary. Factors such as traffic conditions and final destination will all impact the duration of the journey.

However, rough estimates can be made thanks to the center of Las Vegas being so condensed. Using the Bellagio Hotel & Casino as the final destination, the travel times by car are as follows.

AirportTravel Time to Bellagio by Car
McCarran International Airport10 minutes
Henderson Executive Airport18 minutes
North Las Vegas Airport20 minutes

Estimated Private Jet Charter Prices

Of course, the price to charter a private jet in and out of Las Vegas depends heavily on your final destination. However, here are some rough price estimates for one way flights to popular cities.

DestinationAircraft TypePrice
Los AngelesTurobprop$4,000
DenverLight Jet$8,000
DallasLight Jet$11,000
ChicagoMedium Jet$17,000
New YorkMedium Jet$30,000

Las Vegas Charter Companies

When looking to charter a private jet from a particular city it is not imperative to find a local company. However, some customers prefer to deal with a specialised charter company from their point of origin.

Private jet charter companies that are based in Las Vegas are:

Alternative charter companies that service the area include:


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