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Private Jet Ownership

How To Choose The Right Private Jet Management Company

By 5 September 2023No Comments13 min read

Whether you travel frequently for business or pleasure, a private jet management company is essential. Especially, when you have a private jet that you need to be in the best condition for whenever you’re flying.

A private jet management company takes the stressful part of private jet operations and flying out of your hands. Thereby, coordinating and planning your business trips and vacations with your comfort in mind. Effectively, making every trip convenient and relaxing.

However, choosing the right private jet management can be a challenging task.

This is because there are many management companies to choose from. This makes it difficult for a person without experience in this field to choose the right management company.

Here is the perfect guide with all the detailed information you need to know to choose the right private jet management, including the various factors you should consider before choosing one.

What is Private Jet Management?

A private jet management company is an organization that is hired to look after your aircraft, maintain it, schedule your flight, and take care of logistics. They will ensure that you have experienced pilots and crew flying your jet. Also, they guarantee that your private jet is thoroughly maintained and organized to your tastes.

Gulfstream G400 Exterior private jet management

Hence, private jet management covers all services and offers given by a management company concerning private jets and air travel. Whereby your private jet is carefully handled whether for business or personal use. This shows that private jet management is a crucial aspect of private jet ownership.

What are the Benefits of Private Jet Management?

While you may think you can manage your private jet for yourself, it is crucial to note that you might be unequipped for the amount of maintenance, repairs, and logistics that go into private jet management.

Private jet management helps you do the hard part while leaving you with the comfort you deserve.

Some benefits of private jet management include:

Flexibility and Spontaneity

Though private jets allow you to travel whenever you want, planning these trips can be time-consuming and inefficient if done by yourself.

However, private jet management can help you schedule your flights conveniently anytime you want without being bound by commercial airline restrictions.

This is invaluable for busy executives who need to attend various meetings at different locations under a tight schedule. Also, for people who are tired of the tedious processes of air travel during vacations.

Comfort and Time-Saving

Having a private jet management firm relieves the pressure of the in-depth details that come with flight planning. Instead, simply tell your management firm where and when you want to go, and they will handle the rest.

You are then able to save more time and relax for a comfortable travel experience.

Not to mention that they also offer ground transportation, catering, and concierge services. All are geared towards your convenience and comfort.

Gulfstream G600 Interior private jet management

Safety and Security Measures

Pertinently, private jet management prioritizes safety measures vigorously.

These include services that ensure the safety of their clients and aircraft maintenance. Also, ensuring that the jets are operated by experienced and certified pilots.

The focus on safety measures gives you peace of mind during travels.

Bulk Discounts

Depending on the size of the management firm that you go with, you will likely be able to take advantage of bulk discounts thanks to the economies of scale.

From fuel to parts, the larger the firm the better deal they will be able to negotiate with important suppliers for your aircraft.

Private jet management also covers aircraft maintenance, pilot and crew management, in-flight entertainment and catering, and concierge services. In summary, these benefits are just some of the necessary perks you will enjoy to ensure you have a stress-free and comfortable flight.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing the Right Private Jet Management Company?

Choosing the right private jet management can greatly impact one’s overall private jet ownership and flying experience.

It is therefore crucial to carefully consider various key factors. Some factors to consider are:

1.    The Management’s Reputation and Experience

Before choosing any management, research their reputation online and with other private jet owners.

Check reviews and testimonials from previous and current clients to get an understanding of the management. This should include their clients’ satisfaction level with their services.

The management should have a proven track record of providing exceptional services. If so, their client retention rate should speak for itself.

It is also important to check if the management has any industry certifications or potential affiliations. This will demonstrate their level of commitment to quality and effective service.

Despite that, the experience should also be paramount in your consideration. An established private jet manager with years of experience will likely have an in-depth understanding of private jets and their management.

They will have the expertise to handle any unexpected challenges that may arise.

Also, keep in mind to consider the types of aircraft the management company specializes in and their experience with those models.

The more experienced they are with a private jet like yours or similar models, the more knowledge and resources they will have. All this will go into ensuring the optimal maintenance and performance of your jet.

2.    The Range of Services Offered

Reliable private jet management should offer a plethora of services comprehensive enough to cater to all your flight needs.

Such services should include, at least, aircraft maintenance, crew management (sourcing, hiring, training, and payroll), and flight operations (planning, booking, and postflight cleaning).

Concerning concierge services, private jet management should include itinerary planning, ground transportation, and catering arrangements. Ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Accordingly, good management will have a team of experienced experts who handle the day-to-day operations of your aircraft. They will ensure it is maintained at the highest regulatory standards

Finally, some managements offer charter services if you desire them. This means when your jet is not in use, for a while, the management can arrange for it to be chartered to generate revenue. This revenue generated will offset the costs of owning a private jet and also utilize your jet efficiently in your absence.

3.    Safety Regulations and Certifications

Your safety should always be a priority.

So, before entrusting your travel needs to management, take the time and be thorough in examining their safety record. Investigate any past accidents involving jets they managed. Of course, if you do check an accident history, you need to make sure you are clear on the underlying cause and check if that cause was related to the management firm.

You can always check with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for U.S. management, and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for U.K. management.

They will provide the relevant information needed for the management company you choose.

Recognize the fact that one or two isolated incidents might not be a cause for alarm. However, a pattern of safety issues should raise red flags and keep you away.

Embraer Legacy 450 Cockpit

Safety records aside, private jet management must comply with all relevant aviation regulations.

They will have all the necessary certifications, licenses, and permits strengthening their commitment to the best industry standards and practices. Certifications such as the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO), ARGUS, or Wyvern, which indicate that the management meets rigorous safety requirements are pertinent.

Lastly, reach the management and ask particular questions about their safety protocols, training, and qualifications programs for crew members and pilots.

Including how they monitor and maintain their fleet. If the management is any good, they will be forthcoming and transparent with this information. They should be able to produce their safety certifications upon request.

4.    Costs and Expenditures

Entrusting your private jet to a management company involves fees in different areas and these can accumulate over time. Consider the initial setup costs they request before establishing a contract with them.

Typically, these costs include aircraft acquisition, registration, and any necessary upgrades and modifications. Having a clear understanding of these expenses at the start is important. You will avoid any unnecessary surprise costs in the future.

Included in your costs should be the ongoing fees the management company requires.

These may include maintenance and repair fees, operational costs, administrative charges, and insurance premiums. These can pile up along the line to be a huge sum.

Accounts on these fees will give you an insight into what goes into your jet maintenance.

Moreover, management companies have vastly different pricing structures. Some may charge a fixed management fee, while others may use a tiered pricing system. The tiered pricing system is based on factors like aircraft size, flight hours, and specific services offered during the management.

Hence, as you request more services for your private jet, the higher the cost. See what structure best aligns with your budget and usage requirements.

In addition to the costs, the value of the services rendered by the management company should be assessed. Such as their maintenance facilities, reputation for safety, and the level of personalized services they offer.

You will need to partner with a management that can deliver exceptional service and meet your unique needs.

Additionally, be cautious of a firm that will offer “free” management. These firms need to make money in order to stay in business so try to find where their income is coming from.

5.    Level of Flexibility

Private jet owners have unique needs and preferences. It’s crucial to find a management company that can cater to those specific requirements as they arise.

In terms of flexibility, private jet management should be able to adapt to your changing needs.

This could be changing flight schedules, accommodating last-minute changes, and providing additional services on short notice. They should be responsive and proactive to their client’s demands.

Another aspect of consideration is their personalized services. These services could include customizing the interior of the jet, in-flight catering, or specific onboard entertainment.

These tailored services can heighten your flight experience. They should be able to deal with unique situations that occur during international travels, aircraft landing, and coordinating ground transportation. This attests to their reliability.

Woman getting on private jet management falcon 8X

6.    Customer Support and Responsiveness

A chosen management company should be easily accessible to address any concerns you may have. These include inquiries and timely assistance whenever needed.

To evaluate a company’s customer support, look for feedback on their professionalism and responsiveness. Will they go above and beyond to meet their client’s requests?

The number of positive reviews they have will suggest if they provide satisfying customer support or not.

Also, consider their availability for 24/7 support. Since private jet travels can be unpredictable and spontaneous, they should offer round-the-clock support. Ensuring you can rely on them whenever.

Furthermore, take into account their communication channels. Such as if they have multiple methods for contacting their support team, like email, live chat, and phone. If they are easily accessible to you, then they can be relied on when you have concerns that you want to be addressed.

7.    The Management Approach and Company Size

Firstly, what are the specific requirements that you want the management company to meet? Do you need a management company that provides comprehensive management services? Here, the company controls maintenance, crew management, scheduling, and other essential services.

Or would you prefer a hands-on approach? Through this method, you will control certain aspects of the operation and management of your jet. With that in mind, you can now consider whether you should go for a big or small company.

Each management company has its strong suit. For big companies, they are more likely to have discounts on their services, including fuel and training. These discounts could be big enough to cover a large amount of services. They are more experienced and have better resources to look after your aircraft to meet your flight needs. Typically, they also offer other revenue generation sources like private jet charters.

While small companies, they are more likely to have a personal manager assigned to you and your private jet. The downside is maintenance services may be outsourced to outside vendors. Additionally, it is rare for them to offer concierge services and revenue programs like charter services. Also, full-service management services like crew support and accounting are not guaranteed. Other offers such as discounts and insurance may vary.

However, both companies have their merits. Whichever company suits your needs, go for the one with more experience managing similar aircraft and with a lower chance of risks occurring. Nonetheless, accidents should be considered inevitable in any case.

8.    Financial Transparency

The financial transparency of the private jet management company you choose is essential. A transparent organization is easily held accountable and protects you from unnecessary expenses.

The management company should be willing to assist with and reveal financial statements concerning accounting issues when requested.

Importantly, the financial statement should be detailed with cost breakdowns about flight crew salaries, fuel costs, hanger fees, taxes, insurance, and other fees that factor into your expenses. This will enable you to control your expenses and get the most value out of your investment.

Although not all companies offer accounting services, it is a testament to a company’s dedication to trust and transparency if they do. Financial reports and disclosures foster trust between you and the management company.

Beechcraft Premier IA Exterior


Navigating the private jet management sector can be overwhelming due to the sheer amount of companies operating and offering similar services.

Nevertheless, with the information and tips provided, you should be able to narrow down your options and choose the right private jet management that suits your needs.

Above all, ensure the management you choose is transparent enough about their safety practices, services, and expenditures. This way, you get the best out of your choice.

If you need further advice please feel free to get in touch.


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