The Five Key Benefits of Flying By Private Jet

Man taking off face mask on private jet

The true benefits of flying by private jet often get wrapped up in the luxury. However, while luxury and comfort is an element of flying by private jet, it is not the primary reason that it is so popular.

Therefore, here are the five key benefits of flying by private jet.

  1. Time
  2. Safety
  3. Privacy
  4. Comfort and Luxury
  5. Airports

1) Time

The number one benefit that comes with flying by private jet is time. Flying by private jet will save you time.

In their most basic form, private jets are nothing more than time machines.

Flying by private jet enables you to save hours compared with commercial air travel due to three key reasons.

The first reason is the airport choice. Private jets are able to fly out of much smaller airports than commercial aircraft. Additionally, you are able to select the airport that is most convenient to you.

Pilatus PC-24 on the ground in Australia at sunset

Therefore, you are able to fly from airports that are much closer to your final destination. As a result, travel time on the ground will be minimized.

The second reason flying by private jets saves you time is because of the time spent at the airport. Whereas with commercial flights you have to arrive at least 90 minutes prior to departure (in some cases two or three hours), flying by private jet enables you to arrive at the airport just 15 minutes prior to departure. As a result, far less time is spent on the ground waiting.

And finally, in most cases, private jets are able to cruise at a higher speed than commercial aircraft. For example, a Gulfstream G650 is capable of cruising at 516 knots. The fastest commercial aircraft, the Boeing 747-8i, has a maximum cruise speed of 493 knots.

While this difference is only minor, it all adds up.

Consequently, flying by private jet will see you saving hours compared with commercial air travel.

2) Safety

The next benefit of flying by private jet is safety. Now, this isn’t safety in terms of aircraft incidents and accidents. Private jets and commercial aircraft are equally safe in that regard.

Rather, the the safety benefit of private jets comes in the way of viruses. This is a benefit that is increasing important for passengers following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The main way that this safety is achieved is through the lack of touchpoints. According to GlobeAir, flying on a commercial aircraft exposes passengers to over 700 touchpoints. However, flying by private jet exposes passengers to less than 20 touchpoints.

Man taking off face mask on private jet

Furthermore, when you onboard the jet you are not exposed to any strangers. Seeing as you are the temporary owner of the aircraft, you get to decide who is onboard.

This, therefore, reduces the chance of a virus spreading.

Additionally, private jets come with a range of air filters in order to keep the cabin air fresh and clean.

And, as an added bonus, there is no need to wear a mask when you are a passenger on a private jet.

3) Privacy

This benefit is in the name – private jets.

Thanks to traveling through private airport terminals and onboard your own aircraft, passengers can be confident knowing that they are traveling with the highest levels of privacy.

From athletes to celebrities, government officials to businesspeople, private jets offer maximum privacy.

This is especially beneficial when it comes to working onboard the aircraft. There are no other passengers who may be listening in to conversations containing sensitive information.

4) Comfort and Luxury

Comfort is perhaps the primary benefit that most people will think of when flying by private jet. That is, before they have experienced the convenience of flying private.

Private jets are far more comfortable than commercial airlines. Rather than just having a seat to yourself, you have the entire aircraft.

The entire cabin is just for you and your chosen group of passengers. Seats are bigger and more comfortable.

Larger aircraft have dedicated bedrooms. Club seating allows for productive business to take place during flight. En-suite showers ensure that you will arrive feeling refreshed.

Lower cabin altitudes will help to minimize the effects of jet lag. The cabins of private jets are typically quieter than commercial airliners, therefore increasing comfort and resulting in feeling more refreshed on arrival.

5) Airports

And finally, one of the key benefits of flying by private jet is the airports.

As previously mentioned, you choose the airports that you wish to fly from. For example, in New York City there are up to eleven airports that you can choose to depart from. Whereas if you were flying from New York on a commercial airline, they would choose the airport.

Additionally, private jet terminals (called Fixed Base Operators – FBOs), are far more luxurious than regular airports.

Harrods aviation FBO london luton airport

There aren’t huge crowds of passengers. There are no queues. Security isn’t an unpleasant experience.

FBOs are designed to accommodate passengers who expect and require the ultimate in luxury and convenience.

And, after all, you will only be there for 15 minutes before you are onboard the aircraft.