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    Antwerp International Airport (Deurne) is located 4 miles southeast of the city centre of Antwerp, Belgium and within easy reach of the city’s business and leisure districts.Your driver can get you to the centre of Antwerp in around 20 minutes, or a helicopter charter service can be used to get you to Brussels in just a short flight.

    Antwerp only has a very short runway and so it forbids certain sizes of plane. An alternative 24 hour airport would be Brussels.


    Antwerp International Airport (Deurne) Airport is located in the Vliegveld district of the city, which is situated in the north of Belgium, and is used for both private and commercial aviation. The airport has a General Aviation Terminal for private jet passengers to use prior to their flight.Antwerp International Airport (Deurne) Airport only has a small commercial operation.


    Does Antwerp International Airport (Deurne) have private jets?

    Yes, Antwerp International Airport (Deurne) International Airport supports private jets.
    Antwerp International Airport (Deurne) Facts
    Antwerp International Airport (Deurne) International Airport has one runway (11/29 ). The airport handles around 270,000 aircraft movements every year.
    Country: Belgium
    Latitude: 51-11-22.00N
    Longitude: 004-27-37.00E
    Timezone: Europe/Brussels
    Runway Length: 1510 metres
    Tarmac Access: No
    Slot Restriction: No


    For aircraft, services provided include aircraft cleaning, water and toilet services and flight planning. Antwerp International Airport (Deurne) International Airport is open from 0600-2300 hrs, with no extensions permitted. For passengers and crew, a passenger lounge and a discrete business lounge are available to use, with flatscreen TV and complimentary internet. Taxi and limousine service can be arranged from the VIP terminal, as well as hotel packages and helicopter charter. Customs is available on-site for additional convenience. For late arrivals, or those looking to stay over, more than 5 hotels are conveniently located near to Antwerp International Airport (Deurne) Airport. In addition to the airports close proximity to Antwerp, it is also within a short distance of the border with the Netherlands.

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