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The Latest Aircraft Data At Your Fingertips

Your Private Jet Data Powerhouse

The Business Aviation Market Intelligence System

Optimize your operations with powerful data-drive insights, with live flight activity, a global aircraft database, and in-depth aircraft costs.

First-class intelligence platform to help business aviation professionals and owners make informed and impactful decisions in the aviation industry
Fueling Jet Deals with Data Insights

Core Features

Unlock your competitive edge with these accurate data-driven tools

Flight Activity

Analyze aircraft movements since 2019, filtered to your needs to identify trends, changes, and spot future opportunities.

Aircraft Database

Access a worldwide aircraft database of over 22,000 in-service aircraft with a complete flight history and the most frequently flown missions.

Aircraft Info

Search over 140 private jets and discover data specifications, ownership costs, acquisition costs, and make side-by-side comparisons.


Make Quicker, Better Informed Decisions

  • Identify profitable opportunities with reliable data
  • Stay ahead of competitors with real-time data and trends
  • Plan strategically with historical flight data
  • Optimize operations by reducing manual data collection
  • Simplify aircraft research with all the data in a single, integrated system
  • Provide accurate insights to clients and stakeholders, resulting in better data-driven decisions
AI Powered Insights

Ask for Analysis

  • Make quick analysis across multiple data sets
  • Receive easy-to-understand outputs
  • Powered by the OpenAI engine and our data
Flight Stats

Real-time Operational Insights

  • Historical daily flight data since 2019
  • Filter data by aircraft class, make, model, region, and date
  • Comprehensive graphs, route maps, and airport popularity
Global Aircraft Database

Global Aircraft Information

  • A searchable database of over 22,000 global private jets
  • Individual flight history for each aircraft
  • Discover the most common routes flown
Aircraft Data

Smart Data-Driven Aircraft Analysis

  • Powerfully search over 140 private jets
  • In-depth performance data, ownership costs, acquisition costs
  • Make side-by-side comparisons and export reports as a PDF

Precise. Ample. Credible.

It’s all about our unique data

Flight Database

Flight Movements

Aircraft Database

22,000+ In Service Aircraft

Aircraft Data

Ownership Costs for 140+ Aircraft

Features In-Depth

Unlock Insights into Aviation Operations

  • Real-time Flight Data: Stay updated with current flight information and trends.
  • Operational Efficiency: Optimize operations with data-driven decisions.
  • Historical Insights: Access historical data to plan and strategize effectively.

Search the History of Over 20,000 Jets

  • Global Aircraft Database: Search and filter through business aircraft all over the world
  • Historical Flight Data: Analyze the historical flight patterns and most popular routes since 2019.
  • Precise Ownership Details: Get detailed information about each registered owner.

Simplify Research and Cost Analysis

  • Cost Calculation: Estimate ownership costs based on region and live currency conversions.
  • Acquisition Costs: Get acquisition costs for every model year of aircraft, along with hours-adjusted values and predictive future values.
  • Multi-Aircraft Comparison: Compare up to three aircraft models side-by-side for better decision-making.

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